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soyo 26 inch lcd monitor – joy or ploy?

that is, was this impluse buy worthwhile or should I have just bought a comparable priced, known-quality 20-22″ screen?

I bought a soyo pearl 26″ widescreen lcd (DYLM26E6) for ~$230 on utter compusion “thanks” to slickdeals… and unlike many folks, I received my order within a few days without a single hitch.

soyo 26 inch widescreen lcd

other than the expected freakin’ huge screen – this coming from a long time user of 20″ WS monitors – the bundled accessories leave much to be desired: vga cable, power cable, audio cable, instruction/warranty booklet.

the specs:

1920×1200 pixel WUXGA resolution
1200:1 contrast ratio with 2ms response time
16:9 aspect ratio
Brightness: 500 Nits
176ยบ viewing angles
Built-in speakers deliver stereo quality sound
Input: 1 VGA, 1 DVI, 1 audio (3.5mm)
1-Year limited warranty

this is not a high-quality monitor. the stand is a dead giveaway of how many corners were cut in manufacturing this screen. that said, my screen is OK. as far as I can tell, there are no dead pixels – something many others who cashed in on the slickdeal have complained about.

all in all, I’d be pretty happy with the thing *IF* the colors weren’t so f’d up. I been unable to tweak the settings (which by the way, are limited and the UI is poor) to my liking – that is, everything just looks “off.” tv shows, movies, games look alright but the windows GUI just looks wrong. this is compared to samsung and dell 20″WS screens… the best I’ve come to getting the color spectrum sane is by using these settings.

I’d probably return the thing but it was a stock liquidation by officemax so they aren’t taking returns. if you’re in the market for a bigass screen at at a budget price, pass on this and get a dell or samsung.


  1. Jim

    Gotta check DealRocker too. It has over two million product offers from about 2,000 merchants. offers the best combination of deals and coupons at one place. The deals and free coupons are updated regularly and span a wide range of product categories to address a variety of shopping needs.

    It Rocks !!!!

    Posted on 20-Oct-08 at 4:51 am | Permalink
  2. @Jim, the thing that makes slickdeals my main stop for deals is the thriving community. the incentive to post excellent deals is encouraged by the abundance of criticism that inherently squashes crappy or ho-hum deals.

    though I imagine you know this already, since you almost certainly have a personal stake in deal roxor. I nearly deleted your comment because it is spammy, but since it doesn’t have a link, I posted some feedback instead.

    Posted on 20-Nov-08 at 2:58 pm | Permalink

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