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Suzuki favors Europe with additional V-Strom love

they get so many more options, from colors to new models.

for instance, the DL650X which is not offered to America:
european pre farkled wee

The new non-ABS VStrom 650X has arrived on the scene to complement the range, still with the versatility to switch from urban sprawl to country lanes, but with the punchy and flexible v-twin engine.
It comes with alloy skid plate, engine bars, hand guards and black sports screen, in Candy Sonoma Red or Matt Black for a fantastic price of £5,149 [~$8375].

for that price, and all those sweet addons (farkles) it’s a hellva deal! I paid around $8k for mine after taxes, registrations & fees…ugh! plus all the addons I’ve put on thus far: madstad bracket, handguards, center stand, givi luggage, crampbuster, buell signals. and I still want to get a givi windshield and engine guard, skid plate and maybe that black sports screen the 650X has for the summer time. at this rate, I doubt I’ll ever be “done” farkling my wee. not to mention all the costs of repairs I’ve incurred and still have yet to do! classy motorcycling is simply not for the poor man’s pocket book – tis a pricy way of life.

p.s. the germans get *four* colors to choose from for their v-strom ABS model…
dl650k9a grey
dl650k9a orange
dl650k9a black
dl650k9a white

[via vstrom forum and vstrom info]

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