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this is not about race, it’s about change

I voted for Obama and I am happy that he won. he is the lesser of the evils, which is an awesome change to the past two terms. I am confident he will do more good than evil. granted, he doesn’t have to do much right to top the current act‘s numerous and grievous wrongs to come out a hero.

by the by: while I am not a democratic party member, I tend to the left. but I also wholeheartedly agree with the policies of republican Ron Paul.

so anyway, I was watching the news last night and a reporter interviewed a young black man who proclaimed among other slightly black-centric statements, how long that “they” have been waiting for this. and while I’m sorry for the slavery of your ancestors and the contemporary oppression/version of such injustice, I can’t help but feel that that kind of mentality just further sets us back from becoming a color-blind society. the dream that Obama (marketing) has won us over with is that his vision and influence of “hope and change” will proliferate America and make it a better place for all. singling out the black element of America’s new leader is not helpful, and I have no doubt President-elect Barack would agree.

so please, young black guy, don’t steal our hope-thunder with your blind and somewhat arrogant pride. just be proud to live where you do and realize you couldn’t have elected Obama without all the help of your fellow (non-black) Americans.

which one of these is not like the others
[image by patrick moberg, via abram’s nickels]

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