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how to set the vstrom clock

from the this should be easier than it actually is department. I finally got around to resetting my v-strom’s clock today to account for daylight-savings. anyway, because it has a steeper learning curve than most, I had to look it up… I figured the manual was the best one stop – wrong! there is a little trick (not mentioned in the manual) that I found over at the stromtroopers forum.

turn the key on, and the ignition to run.
push the left button slightly ahead of the right button and hold both for what seems like forever (~10secs or so..)
when you get a blinking minute, increment with the right button.
hit the left button to switch to hours, adjust accordingly,
then left again to finish the job.

set the v-strom clock

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  1. Thanks! This is just the trick I’ve been looking for.

    I can’t count the number of times I stood there holding those damn buttons in trying to set the clock.

    Allow me to reiterate your message: ***left button slightly ahead of the right button***!!!

    Posted on 06-Apr-10 at 4:15 am | Permalink

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