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amazon mp3 download first purchase impressions

since its glorious DRM-free inception at the beginning of 2008, I’ve thought a few times, “hey I should but that album from amazon.” but then I load up rhapsody, which I already pay a ~$10/month subscription for, and there it is (usually…)

well today, as if the amazonian borg collective finally penetrated my mind, I get a no-strings offer of $5 towards their service just because I aready buy tons of my crap from them.

As someone who purchased $25 worth of products from Amazon’s Music or Electronics Stores between November 28, 2008 and December 25, 2008, you’ve qualified for a $5 promotional credit good for music downloads from Amazon MP3,’s digital music service.

it works, I bite. I go straight for an album I know won’t let me down, Metallica, Master of Puppets.

the process was extraordinarly smooth, even as a Linux user! amazon mp3 offers their little download app in four different software package flavors. I choose the most applicable to me, an Ubuntu .deb(ian) pkg.

within seconds it’s downloaded, installed, and my mp3s are on the way.
amazon mp3 music store

in short: great experience, if I ever need mp3s again I will buy from amazon. I can’t possibly foresee a single negative to using this service whatsoever.

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