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Monthly Archives: January 2009

track PMS – the threat of global bitchiness exposed


funny, was just talking about this. questions like, do women actually have to track their cycle? can’t they just feel it coming on? apparently there are many who keep a record on a calendar. (fortunately for me, this is not an issue, my lady is as cool as a cucumber.) while the site is targeted […]

download “hope over fear” – President Obama’s inauguration speech


took way too long to find this; we have certainly entered an era where “traditional search” engines are fail. I finally found a link for Pres. Obama’s inauguration speech on twitter search after going through countless pages on y!, goog’ and utube. the reality is clear: news publications and search engines are too slow for […]

indie sitcom The Remnants pilot episode


Very happy to see Ze in something.. anything. seriously, I guess I still miss the show. The pilot for The Remnants, written and directed by John August. Starring Justine Bateman, Michael Cassidy, Ben Falcone, Ze Frank, Ernie Hudson, and Amanda Walsh. It was shot during the WGA strike in February 2008, using the SAG internet […]

Canon Civil War – SD880IS vs SD990IS – part three


In a war this close, choosing the victor is far less fun than waging the battles themselves. I say this because it was a tough call and regardless of outcome, have thoroughly enjoyed both of these memory-capture devices. Aesthetics and usage While I generally prefer the color black to silver, I can’t get over the […]

talk to the hand cuz the face ain’t listenin’


Place The Hand on your car, home or apartment window (suction cups included) and let the world know how you’re feeling! Simply press one of the buttons on the wireless remote (with visor clip) and choose 1 or all 7 of the built-in hand gestures. … [Gestures include:] I love you, Hang Loose, Devil Horns, […]