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Monthly Archives: February 2009

mr rogers was so hip – animated gif friday xviii


entertaining disaster – visualizing the credit crisis


the credit catastrophe clearly conceptualized and manifest by clever little animations. while no solution is offered, the purpose is elegantly achieved – a clear outline of the cause of and contributing factors to the problem our global economy contemporarily faces.

not just spooky “Friday the 13th” but “1234567890” day, too!


of course, the latter only applying to the geekiest among us as it is the digits represented by the unix time stamp as of today (Friday, February 13 3:31PM) for systems in the pacific standard timezone. so today, thank your friendly neighborhood developers, who work feverishly deep in the underbelly of modern-day-internet-society, and share a […]

misteps and mishaps = hilarious ninconpoopery – animated gif friday xvii