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ze frank’s The Show is “back”


…in it’s new & permanently sponsored form, “That makes me think of”, the first of which is here at as a fan of the original “The Show”, I see that Time has essentially allowed Ze to exercise his presentational art form to it’s near fullest. while I doubt very much we’ll see anything as […]

ze frank iz le funzay


DUCKIE!! sports racers! hard chargers!?!? o rly? lolz! the guy has a face like gumby, an uncanny will to not blink while on camera, and the ability to speak REALLY REALLY FAST with oober emphasis and enunciation many pubic speakers (e.g. EL PRESIDENTE) would be very jealous of!! …a commanding power over ze tongue. anyway, […]

indie sitcom The Remnants pilot episode


Very happy to see Ze in something.. anything. seriously, I guess I still miss the show. The pilot for The Remnants, written and directed by John August. Starring Justine Bateman, Michael Cassidy, Ben Falcone, Ze Frank, Ernie Hudson, and Amanda Walsh. It was shot during the WGA strike in February 2008, using the SAG internet […]

backwards world love in a


an exemplary independant film appropriate for today, happy valentines day. via ze’s blog



megagaltastic megagaltastic megagaltastic megagaltastic megagaltastic. I’d say I am semi-megagaltastic or an aspiring megagaltasticist. Ze‘s a good guy. If I were gay, I’d like Ze. I’ve written about Ze previously.