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str8 up coolness!

animated gif friday vii – batman


in light of the recent release of the newest Batman flick, The Dark Knight, it seemed like a good time to revisit batman roots. (click for the full edge-of-your-seat-experience) oh Adam West Batman, don’t drop the bomb! be sure to check out all the AGF fun…

presenting human ingenuity: the mowercycle


via slantback, via this guy’s flickr; neither have any further information into this great technology meld. it’s green powered, great exercise and honestly makes me want to plant a lawn (and build a mowercycle of mineown.)

my “wee” strom – 2008 suzuki dl650 abs


1200 miles in, I love it. I even like the model name, DL650K8A. Current mods: painted exhaust shield, madstad windshield bracket/mount, and oem knuckle guards. 53 average MPG on my daily 70 mile commute, 90% freeway at speeds ~70MPH. actually kind of low compared to some other peoples milage reports – reporting high 50s low […]

diablo three cometh


the diablo 3 trailer: a gameplay / narrative vid: My estimate D3 release date — Q4 2010*. * based on nothing scientific. More info and eye candy over at the official blizzard diablo III page.

animated gif friday iii


friday, yeah baby! in related news, new futurama came out three days ago (june 24th!) holy crap!! previously on AGF, dumb and dumber.

2009 suzuki v-strom 650


it looks like a tiger. grrr. while not exactly my style, I dig it. especially like the blacked out exhaust cover. I will have to paint mine… Update June 24 ’08: I researched and outlined the differences between the 2008 and 2009 v-strom – there are only a few. Update June 30 ’08: I painted […]

as a booze hound dr. pepper fan, I approve this message


looks like fun, huh. even if it does end up being somewhere in the neighborhood of a $10-15 shot… Flaming Dr. Pepper by naterawer

first long ride on the Suzuki DL650 V-Strom


quick-background: I finally got my brand-spankin’ new 2008 DL650 last week (after writing about only one final contender and two months of waiting for it to arrive from the factory.) I broke in the first ~50 miles (proper engine break-in is super important) using a combination of techniques found here, here, and the user’s manual […]

what does this say about it’s owner?


…like what an overgrown-raised-truck-that-floors-it-between-red-traffic-lights says about the tiny package its driver has, you know, where it counts. that giggle you get knowing they’re over compensating for lacking any real virtue. presenting the smart car monster truck: [story linky, via justinsomnia!]

tiny is hot – tumbleweed houses


I adore the absolute efficiency of these homes. while they fascinate me to the point of awe, I wouldn’t want one as my primary domicile. I like my big screen tv, multi-monitor desk, couch, chairs, (ahh dishwasher…someday) and closets…. but, if given the choice of one of these or an RV, tumble me a house […]

Do you know The Whitest Kids I Know?


They know the truth about Abe Lincoln’s assassination: Makers of Forever Puppies: Celebrators of SATURDAY!!!!!!! Musicians of questionable ethics and talent: Pizza’s NOT for breakfast: And so much more… (disclaimer: many are nsfw & many more aren’t that funny)

animated gif friday


(click to watch) show casing the most dramatic punch in the face, quite possibly, ever. not to mention hasselhoff at his best. thanx andre!

say what you will about Metallica today


but… Master of Puppets, And Justice For All, Metallica (black album), and Ride the Lightning will forever be absolute works of musical genius. my generation’s Classical Music.

Acoustic “Hey Ya” cover rocks the video (and ~2 mil. views)


this guy is talented as hell: great voice, great guitar, great beard. in many ways, it is better than the original. – download an mp3 version here (credit goes to… – and/or check out that fella’s band on myspace here

oh yes, more Futurama nearly here, cometh June


just two painstakingly long months to go til the June 24th release. [the new film is the]…most tentacle-packed Futurama epic, space itself rips open, revealing a gateway to another universe. What lies beyond is a mix of horror and love as the Planet Express crew encounters a repulsive, planet-sized monster with romantic intentions. The second […]