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on fiesta, and getting burned out…


I haven’t played in over a week! maybe it’s that my guild is on avg, nearly 10 lvls higher than I (the elven archer of yore), and not all that in a hurry to help me out (they have a pretty consistent group of ppl… I’m not one of them) and my other char (27 […]

Fiesta level 30 … money woes continue


when you reach 30, you are thrown into a realm of uber spending, especially if your skills are backlogged. I’m up to ~25s, and basically need another 10s to buy everything I need to catch up to my level. the main disadvantage of the Fiesta economy over WoW’s is the lack of an offline ability […]

old habits die hard


I’m tired, blurry eyed, yawning, yet the mind is relentlessly seeking “accomplishment.” my project TLH is nearly ready for public consumption. I’m uneasy, because I am having trouble squelching perfectionistic urges. everything must be in it’s place. all features. blah. is the taste window too small?!? shit, maybe I should redo it. man this time […]

enhancement woes


outspark’s fiesta draws you in by displaying cutesy animey pretty 3d worlds and characters along with many shiney weapons and armors. but as for the latter-est, do not try if you are prone to depression. I earned the clever title “Unlucky enhancer” after losing my 4th piece of equipment.. OK, that’s fine, most of those […]

wordpress comment spam bots argh!


I started requiring registration for comments. that’s as close as I could find to turning commenting off. OK, cool. NOT~ “MrRobby” has registered and commented on every post I have. fuck! what a pain in my ass. makes me wonder why the hell I keep a blog anyway. what a ridiculous means of creating income: […]

stung by a bee


I hate bees. always have always will. ok, I have a sweet spot for honey bees – they are sweet and so is the fruit of their labors. yellow jacket wasps however, can go straight back to the fuckin’ hell that spawned them. without provocation, walking peacefully along the street I am bombarded and stung, […]

thankyou network / citicards bullshit


citibank is my first CC with rewards – free of $$ charge; free of cost however – not even close. #1 Gripe: thankyou network is pathetic. the “reward” points you receive are approx. 100/dollar spent. ok fine. I decided to use some – 13,500 points for a PS2 – cool – about $135. I order […]

why isn’t googlebot crawling my page?


I’ve been trying to figure this out for over a week now. this is what my page says: Home page crawl: Googlebot last successfully accessed your home page on Sep 20, 2006. what the fuck? I added a sitemap to the same page about a week ago… no change. google is downloading the sitemap […]

amused by spam


Hi, the document is attached. last detail. He was muttering over the heap of apparatus as he punched attached was an odd-looking .png that contained pill (VIAGRA, CIALAS, Xanax, …) prices. who the fuck would buy perscription pills from a spam message? you’d have to be out of your fucking mind.

I have a lot of work to do


in seeing the world that is. mexico and canada should be easy… also intend on taking a US road trip someday but I want a 45-50mpg vehicle to travel with. a sexy sweet an’ funny companion is a must too. update: didn’t realize how fucked up the map made my blahog until just now ;( […]

what makes the internet great


and a supreme waster of time… in one of my many random stumblings around the interweb I found something unique: THE SNEEZE – “half zine. half blog. half not good at fractions.” and found it to be a fucking riot. here have a taste!

bush administration slips immunity from war crimes into pending house bill


this is surly a sign of how bad things have are beneith the veil of bush gov secrecy; perhaps we can look on the positive, this injection is a subtle admission of guilt – who else but crooks and liars seek innocence before being deemed guilty? I don’t know how objective this Cafferty guy is, […]

small inspirations


for me, change often comes suddenly and I am usually unprepared for it. I slump into old habits – many of which are gone for the better – for however long it takes me to recover… in the process of, I become more fascinated by passionate people as I often feel I lack it. many […]

screw you blizzard


to blizzard support: for some reason, you *still* can’t get this shit (routine maintance?!) done on time. after nearly 2 years of running this game, and an near infinite amount of money to keep things moving forward, why can’t you bring servers back online ON TIME on a regular basis?! your developers and artists are […]

quite possibly the best album review ever


pitchforkmedia reviews some new crappy album. thanx waxy.