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laugh often

code reviews ala ‘wtf metric’


via slantback

hot pockets


had your lunch stolen from the communial fridge like this guy? in this case, jim “hoooot pockets” gaffigan (probably) thinks he did you a favor:

the fascination with scien-tom-ology continues


yet more scientomology; pretty good yeah, that’s all me. right, well I digress, people just love following the life and times of crazy people. and in tom and katie’s case, fame just adds buckets of fuel to the so extra-unordinary-fire. anyway, while checking out my hitlog, I found that this cruise cuote on the goog, […]

Green Team – starring Will Ferrell and friends


Green Team on

wifi-geek t-shirt


I don’t usually think these kinds of things are “cool” but this one, well, is. presenting the t-shirt that really detects and displays to all the strength of wifi signals in your immediate vicinity. g33k0l1c10us! you can buy it at thinkgeek – though it’s currently out of stock.

by profession, the top 5 friends everyone would love to have


1) Mechanic: this person could take apart the engine in your car and put it back together while giving it an additional 50-100 horsepower. They can build things and they can fix stuff. If you’re like me, and lift up the hood of you car only to ponder “where’s the radiator?” then you need this […]

tickle me elmo on fire


when I first saw TME in action I was rather horrified. this video makes me feel better. thanks abram.

everything comes down to poo!


thank you scrubs.

old school Dungeons and Dragons commercial


D&D huge nerd alert!!!!! (weeeoooweeeoooweeeooooo) thank you people of youtube for the much needed lol.

scrubs dubs charlie brown christmas


based on the characters from the show, the dialog is completely redone and dubed over the formerly cutsey-wewtsy story. in a word – awesome. little background detail linky: A Charlie Brown Christmas… Scrubs style in case the above nutscrape video barfs, here’s a youtube link to the video.

family guy behind the scenes


peter/quagmire/stewie (creator – seth macfarlane), lois/loretta (alex borstein), meg (mila kunis), cleveland (mike henry) all doing their thing. I’d love to see adam west doing his thing too.. mmm taffy. link nabbed from abram’s blog.

lady banned for life from airline due to being poor problem solver


too funny; granted more funny to me due to recent events w/my lovely-lady-friend and her similar stanky problem. Apparently, this passenger was banned for life because she lit a match on a plane. When she was questioned about why she lit the match, she responded that she had hoped to hide the smell of her […]

amused by spam


Hi, the document is attached. last detail. He was muttering over the heap of apparatus as he punched attached was an odd-looking .png that contained pill (VIAGRA, CIALAS, Xanax, …) prices. who the fuck would buy perscription pills from a spam message? you’d have to be out of your fucking mind.

google popup blocker (toolbar) don’t discriminate


Google toolbar blocks a pop-up from the even more awesome google video == defect. When Toolbar attempts to block the pop-up a massive G climbs out of the google Video icon and starts whailing on Toolbar. Toolbar tries to get help from Desktop but Desktop is totally wasted from trying to index 40TB of Porn […]

warm and fuzzy moment: a story without words


I saw this first awhile back on abram’s blog and just came across it again in my little linkies.txt file worthy of keeping but not bookmarking. tis time to share the kiwi’s story: it is a masterful piece work is it not? the lil tear comes just at the right time. if it doesn’t make […]