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product reviews and other interesting tidbits



for years an’ years, my go-to for translations has always been … today, on my way to look up “va te faire foutre” I am redirected! oh my, no more Altavista. when did become according to ye’ ol’ wikipedia: 1.) “…AltaVista (part of Yahoo! since May 9, 2008)…” 2.) “After a long […]

device identity crisis


is it a cell phone or a remote control? is it part lollipop too? well, whatever it is, it is from ESPN labs. enjoy sports fans. read more ova here p.s. this my remote, the logitech harmony 550, procured for $50: one sentence review: it does what I want and while it occasionally fucks up […]

keep your laptop cool – mini review of the cooler master notepal


the $30 notepal == – a noticeably cooler (happier?) running laptop – usb powered with an extra port so you don’t lose one to power the silent running cooler fans – not so great comfortwise off-desk laptop experience, although a cooler lap overcomes comfort deficiencies – according to sensors, a few C cooler while running […]

motorcycle stopping – with and without anti-lock breaks


the internet and how it influences my purchasing habits


as much as I’d like to think I don’t need the Internet‘s validation of a purchase in order to actually make one, that’d be fallacy. I grep the web for insight from those who’ve purchased what I want for any tidbit of information they wish to impart. In general, this grepping does one of two […]

cool / useful / informative links o’ the day


Web Linky’s In No Particular Order or Category: – California City and County Sales and Use Tax Rates – Cities, Counties and Tax Rates – there are 4 suzuki dealers within ~20 miles of me; my fav so far after speaking with all is Santa Rosa Powersports – San Francisco Bay Area Hiker – Asus […]

bike shopping – final contender: Suzuki DL650 V-Strom ABS


update: I purchased this bike! Needs (and what the V-Strom offers): – comfort: upright riding position, feet flat on the ground at stop, no major fatigue from just cruising (fairly hard to judge from intarweb reviews and a brief sit on it at the dealership) – great mpg: would love 60+ (concensus seems to be […]

uhhh, yum!?


BBQ’d Happy People by naterawer

earn money by running a GPS tracking app on your mobile phone


…by running the application “…they [Navizon] “reward” users for the number of sites they find or even just confirm. – You get more points for being “first to locate” and less for confirming locations. – Even in my area which has already been fairly well covered, I’ve collected over $20 worth of points in less […]

random comments sampling: metafilter vs youtube


as a metafilter subscriber, I found this particularly enlightening and theory validating — metafilterer’s IQ > youtuber’s. metafilter’s commentation is intellectually-substance rich, and each subsquent participant generally brings something new to the table. where as youtube represents the opposite, relying completely on the video to provide substance. the comments are really an after thought, avg. […]

blackberry pearl II (8130) review


in short: it is awesome, even without the BB data plan – sprint has been unable to add to my account for me. (note: sprint CS on the whole, sucks ass. however, once in awhile you will get through to some great people; really depends on the time of day.) I have a pre-existing data […]

cause & effect – the traffic jam shockwave


…They [Researchers from several Japanese Universities] asked drivers to cruise steadily at 30 kilometres per hour, and at first the traffic moved freely. But small fluctuations soon appeared in distances between cars, breaking down the free flow, until finally a cluster of several vehicles was forced to stop completely for a moment. That cluster spread […]

TGIF: 22 uses for BEER


21 great uses for beer (via wisebread) by naterawer </obligatory-self-promotion>

4 day work weeks – sign me up


the guys over at 37 signals experimented with the 4 day work week, 3 day weekend last summer and have since made it the standard. I think this snippet sums up the logistics of their thinking: Three-day weekends mean people come back extra refreshed on Monday. Three-day weekends mean people come back happier on Monday. […]

IE8 to play nice with web standards


in a blog update by the Internet Explorer 8 dev team, it has been stated that the microsoft standards “set” in IE7 will be abandoned in favor of more widely outside-MS standards set by those at w3 and the webstandards group. In light of the Interoperability Principles, as well as feedback from the community, we’re […]