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fun games! whee!

Fiesta Kingdom Quest is Broken


in this post I discuss variables, ideas to fix, and tips refering to’s game Fiesta. how many variables could their be? (not including non-disclosed ones) for 15 spots and 5 chances – 75 people get to play per 2 hours -> 900 plays per day. that’s a pretty small number considering how frackin’ popular […]

Fiesta open beta begins


(yesterday) I hopped in again, started 3 new ppl. all the classes are belong to me. but am I going to level them all? hell no. am I going to level one back to the level I had my Closed Beta 2 mage prior to it’s envitible demise? Maybe. so far I’m liking the Cleric […]

Fiesta initial review

02-Aug-07‘s mmorpg game Fiesta is fresh and pretty cool. I registered about a week ago and received the invite to the “Closed Beta 2” today. after which, it was downloaded (rather quickly, 800kb/s+) and played a few hours. my level 8 mage is humming along. so far it is extremely reminicent of Ragnarok Online. not […]

playstation 2 outsells playstation 3


…in weekly sales in japan. go sony go – out sold by your own system. I figured this was true in the states too so I went and checked sales just for kicks. as of the time of this post, similar trends indeed: Sony Playstation 2 Console Slim PS2 is #24. Sony PlayStation 3 […]

old school Dungeons and Dragons commercial


D&D huge nerd alert!!!!! (weeeoooweeeoooweeeooooo) thank you people of youtube for the much needed lol.

play guitar hero with your fender guitar (mod)


oh the humanity… these mod crazy foos reconstruct an innocent fender squire guitar into a wireless guitar hero controller. is there a market for this? probably. the culprit blog: toolmonger – how to build your own wireless guitar hero controller

cables matter – the overlooked PS2 component cable factor


naraku presents: a brief homage to the wonders that are component cables; a side-by-side comparison to composite cables; a ps2 component cable review. I had a problem with my Playstation 2 on my 42″ Westinghouse LCD: using the composite cables included, it looked like utter shit! …I almost broke down and hooked it back up […]

addictive tower defense gameplay


my buddy abram told me about this game a few days ago. I asked him not to send it to me. yesterday I broke down and searched for it on digg… found it and blew a few hours out of my day strategizing and getting utterly (and consistently) destroyed around wave 60+ (personal high score […]

quit one to play two!


so, earlier this month I canceled my WoW account (for the 2nd time) due to (renewed) lack o’ interest. I wrote previously about when I reactivated it. for the past few weeks, I couldn’t be happier about not having the WoW because I have my lovely bunches of fantasy (amongst other as-of-yet undisclosed fun.) final […]

games of greatest gravity (on me – part one?)


top 5’s of all time – impressions of these games were made generally when they were released, so I’ve tried take that into account as best I can recall. the Final Fantasy series games originally Square, and now Square-Enix (Squeenix) are loved by me immensely. 1.) – “How ’bout a little magitek mayhem?” -Kefka – […]

screw you blizzard


to blizzard support: for some reason, you *still* can’t get this shit (routine maintance?!) done on time. after nearly 2 years of running this game, and an near infinite amount of money to keep things moving forward, why can’t you bring servers back online ON TIME on a regular basis?! your developers and artists are […]

south park in the WoW


first off, I was pretty stoked they were doing something so contemporary, very few shows these days do something so offbeat as this; though it’s only a matter of time before the simpsons does something similar – even if they seem to be stuck in perma-90s. here’s a little blurb about the ep, if you […]

wow pvp omg wtf <3 bbq yay!!!!!


since leaving my friends in the dust as far as leveling goes, I’ve picked up pvp as a pasttime (until they catch up.. hopefully). I’ve always enjoyed it to some degree, but never as much as now that I’ve found the warrior class to be freaking awesome. while sadly I lack the ability to be […]

wow for lyfe?


after my first year, I had some major disagreements w/the guild I was in at the time – my after-work investments for the guild were insufficient so I was booted.  I was still putting in 15-20 hours a week… so I took it as a sign to quit and did so.  it was very liberating… […]



Dur.. Diablo II! jeez… of all the time I spent in that game, it didn’t even occur to me unconciously that I chose a name I already knew. I was trying to get Tyrian (or Tyrion) – the dwarf from A Game of Thrones, but they were taken. So I constructed Tyrael from much trial […]