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nate’s thoughts on “the” matter

the Comcast seek and destroy Rumor Mill


last week my buddy abram posted a little blurb on some sketchy calls he has received about his new car’s warranty being up – it’s not, and they did not have the make/model/year. so he pondered, how the hell did this company get his cell #? perhaps it was comcast, selling or distributing (indirectly?) the […]

Ron Paul campaigns on


dismay swept over the Paul camp after “super tuesday,” but not much suprise – Dr. Paul didn’t win any states. most people figured he had thrown in the towel. he has not. in short, Ron Paul’s not campaigning to “win” the presidency, he’s a realist, remember. while he won’t outright say “we are not going […]

the 8 steps to a “traditional” online advertiser webpage


1.) random stock photos of asshappy people 2.) plethoria of extraneous flash animation(s) 3.) each page contains “quotes” that support a page’s “content” as well as answers to broad questions nobody asked 4.) all quotes include positive reinforcement words like “great, excellent, revolutionary, and !!” 5.) make superfulous use of statistics when quotes are not […]

Donate to Ron Paul’s Campaign for President TODAY


today is Tea Party ’07 – a historical concept to stir up the political realm as was done during the Boston Tea Party protest. I donated because we need Paul. America is in deep deep shit and I agree with Dr. Paul on many fronts as to the cause and solution of our various entrenchments.

outspark “new” revenue model is gold farming?


outspark may be making money afterall. after skimming threads such as this, basically identical to most the floods of complaints, it makes me go hmm as there is no offical statement on the matter (afaik.) it is known that: outspark has numerous foreign offices – at least one other “official” in Seoul, KR (source). or, […]

Fiesta Kingdom Quest is Broken


in this post I discuss variables, ideas to fix, and tips refering to’s game Fiesta. how many variables could their be? (not including non-disclosed ones) for 15 spots and 5 chances – 75 people get to play per 2 hours -> 900 plays per day. that’s a pretty small number considering how frackin’ popular […]

thankyou network / citicards bullshit


citibank is my first CC with rewards – free of $$ charge; free of cost however – not even close. #1 Gripe: thankyou network is pathetic. the “reward” points you receive are approx. 100/dollar spent. ok fine. I decided to use some – 13,500 points for a PS2 – cool – about $135. I order […]

cables matter – the overlooked PS2 component cable factor


naraku presents: a brief homage to the wonders that are component cables; a side-by-side comparison to composite cables; a ps2 component cable review. I had a problem with my Playstation 2 on my 42″ Westinghouse LCD: using the composite cables included, it looked like utter shit! …I almost broke down and hooked it back up […]

warm an’ fuzzy: giving money by clickying ads


these kind of sites are a great idea for charities. they are basically the only type of webpage advertisement I will intentionally click. – Your daily free clicks provide food for animals in shelters & sanctuaries. on the other hand – I imagine there’s a lot out there, with this ideal front and foremost, […]

sanity returns after the fall from grace


I need to get some t-shirts made that have a [ S A N E ] stamp on em. what better way to get someone to turn an’ give you the cock eyed looksy and/or the classic furrowed brow? as my friend said last night, “if it said INSANE people would just laugh (or not), […]

warm and fuzzy moment: amidst chaos


seriously good to see this kind of thing. it is truly beautiful in that it illustrates we are all human beneath it all. it’s touching to see him use the gun in a most nonviolent of ways. just as when I see hackey sack players I join in. though the surreality of doing so in […]

games of greatest gravity (on me – part one?)


top 5’s of all time – impressions of these games were made generally when they were released, so I’ve tried take that into account as best I can recall. the Final Fantasy series games originally Square, and now Square-Enix (Squeenix) are loved by me immensely. 1.) – “How ’bout a little magitek mayhem?” -Kefka – […]

UCLA PD tazer happy


witness the amazing feat of (university) police brutality! granted, guy was likely being exceedingly difficult for the UCPD to even come… I worked those late hours at the computer lab at CSUC a semester and occasionally had problems w/people who strongly felt they should not have to leave or show ID to stay… never so […]

small inspirations


for me, change often comes suddenly and I am usually unprepared for it. I slump into old habits – many of which are gone for the better – for however long it takes me to recover… in the process of, I become more fascinated by passionate people as I often feel I lack it. many […]

blood in the water


so I guess I drink too much: too much coffee, too much vodka. at least that’s what my mommy says. it rather happily explains why since as of this week, I have been wiping small amounts of red from my ass. but only when I poo, there is no leakage (eww). it’s a much better […]