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the life and times of nate

first long ride on the Suzuki DL650 V-Strom


quick-background: I finally got my brand-spankin’ new 2008 DL650 last week (after writing about only one final contender and two months of waiting for it to arrive from the factory.) I broke in the first ~50 miles (proper engine break-in is super important) using a combination of techniques found here, here, and the user’s manual […]

HOMERLAND SEKURITI van spotted on highway 101


continuing image post day – monumental milage


hit 186,000 miles on my ’91 benz which I purchased at 133K. I have yet *knocks very-hard on wood* to have any major repairs. on my ~75 mile a day commute I use about ~2.3 gal. of gas. not too shabby for a 17 year old car.

one of these things is not like the others


the internet and how it influences my purchasing habits


as much as I’d like to think I don’t need the Internet‘s validation of a purchase in order to actually make one, that’d be fallacy. I grep the web for insight from those who’ve purchased what I want for any tidbit of information they wish to impart. In general, this grepping does one of two […]

Man trapped in an NYC elevator for 41 hours – condensed video via security cam


first of all, wow… I can’t help but imagine how I would have handled such an experience. after going batshit crazy for a number of hours, I imagine a spiritual awakening (of sorts) and a heck of a lot of praying. I hope he was a bad man who deserved it, got his come-uppins or […]

bike shopping – final contender: Suzuki DL650 V-Strom ABS


update: I purchased this bike! Needs (and what the V-Strom offers): – comfort: upright riding position, feet flat on the ground at stop, no major fatigue from just cruising (fairly hard to judge from intarweb reviews and a brief sit on it at the dealership) – great mpg: would love 60+ (concensus seems to be […]

uhhh, yum!?


BBQ’d Happy People by naterawer

say what you will about Metallica today


but… Master of Puppets, And Justice For All, Metallica (black album), and Ride the Lightning will forever be absolute works of musical genius. my generation’s Classical Music.

cause & effect – the traffic jam shockwave


…They [Researchers from several Japanese Universities] asked drivers to cruise steadily at 30 kilometres per hour, and at first the traffic moved freely. But small fluctuations soon appeared in distances between cars, breaking down the free flow, until finally a cluster of several vehicles was forced to stop completely for a moment. That cluster spread […]

super bowl sunday with girlfriend and grandma


in short – we caught the first 2-3 minutes (non game time) of super bowl 32 (XLII) consisting of the new england patriots and the new york giants. big frikken who gives a shit, right? anyway, grandma turned on the game because my grandpa would have, in life, been watching. Sarah and I both thought […]

Federated Media tech does Doggie-BBQ


Featuring J-dizzle Q-masta cookin’ up some Chicken Apple saus’g and (starring) hebrew national : hebrew national – the only hot dog approved by jesus by yobeeyatch first come first serve you snooze you lose rules in full effect: we ran out of sausages, then buns, then dogs – poor poor late comers.

new number at the end of our man-kind’s datestamp


lets hope these next 365 days are as great or better than the last. celebrate life everyday.

Fiesta open beta begins


(yesterday) I hopped in again, started 3 new ppl. all the classes are belong to me. but am I going to level them all? hell no. am I going to level one back to the level I had my Closed Beta 2 mage prior to it’s envitible demise? Maybe. so far I’m liking the Cleric […]

desires and ponderances


life is funny. why do we always want what we can’t exactly have? is the grass truly greener on the other side of the fence? by gods it so often looks so. but most of us cannot jump into a new life direction simply because it appears greener. maybe it’s genetics – there is some […]