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not just a hobby, a way of life

my “wee” strom – 2008 suzuki dl650 abs


1200 miles in, I love it. I even like the model name, DL650K8A. Current mods: painted exhaust shield, madstad windshield bracket/mount, and oem knuckle guards. 53 average MPG on my daily 70 mile commute, 90% freeway at speeds ~70MPH. actually kind of low compared to some other peoples milage reports – reporting high 50s low […]

California’s ambiguous Lane Splitting law


after an extended lane splitting adventure past multiple accidents on Northbound highway 101 yesterday, including a brief inconsequential encounter with a CHP biker, I figured I should find out exactly what the law states. (as ignorance is never a valid excuse) California Highway Patrol’s website states: Can motorcycle riders “split” lanes and ride between other […]

motorcyclists STAY AWARE!!!!


So, I’ve become pretty comfortable on my daily ~35 mile commute (each way) but there’s always new ready-to-kill-me obstacles. This mornings were *two* abscent minded cagers changing lanes and a LADDER in the middle of the freeway. I wish I had captured a picture of that gigantic thing. It was almost fun, though, because I […]

painting the suzuki v-strom exhaust shield


after seeing it done on various v-stroms, I decided this is a look I want to sport – My Ninja Wee. removing the heat shield is simply unscrewing two hex screws: naked pipe doesn’t look half bad: I used krylon fusion camouflage ultra-flat black spray paint: the goo gone is here because I screwed up […]

panda practice for the twisties


700 mile observations of new 2008 v-strom 650


having just passed 700 miles (it started at 1!) and getting the ehh-ok at the 600 mile service – $170, overpriced oil change much? – I’ve noticed the bike running more and more smoothly and enjoying it more as well. from shifting to the power curve everything seems less jittery. part of this I am […]

2009 suzuki v-strom changes


the 2009 models have just started appearing on suzuki’s product website. here’s the scoop: colors: – 2009 V-Strom 650 ABS comes only in gray, 2008 is flat black (here’s mine!) – ’09 WeeStrom non-ABS comes in orange and gray, ’08 in flat black and wasp yellow. cosmetic changes: – gray version has matching gray rims. […]

2009 suzuki v-strom 650


it looks like a tiger. grrr. while not exactly my style, I dig it. especially like the blacked out exhaust cover. I will have to paint mine… Update June 24 ’08: I researched and outlined the differences between the 2008 and 2009 v-strom – there are only a few. Update June 30 ’08: I painted […]

further stealership annoyances…


since purchasing my V-Strom from cyclewest, who assured me I was getting the bike on a “buddy deal,” I have received two return calls as a result of my multi-dealership inquiries back in april. the 2008 v-strom 650 abs has arrived, in great(er) numbers. so much for getting it to me ahead of the game, […]

first long ride on the Suzuki DL650 V-Strom


quick-background: I finally got my brand-spankin’ new 2008 DL650 last week (after writing about only one final contender and two months of waiting for it to arrive from the factory.) I broke in the first ~50 miles (proper engine break-in is super important) using a combination of techniques found here, here, and the user’s manual […]

motorcycle stopping – with and without anti-lock breaks


the internet and how it influences my purchasing habits


as much as I’d like to think I don’t need the Internet‘s validation of a purchase in order to actually make one, that’d be fallacy. I grep the web for insight from those who’ve purchased what I want for any tidbit of information they wish to impart. In general, this grepping does one of two […]

bike shopping – final contender: Suzuki DL650 V-Strom ABS


update: I purchased this bike! Needs (and what the V-Strom offers): – comfort: upright riding position, feet flat on the ground at stop, no major fatigue from just cruising (fairly hard to judge from intarweb reviews and a brief sit on it at the dealership) – great mpg: would love 60+ (concensus seems to be […]