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motorcycle stopping – with and without anti-lock breaks


Do you know The Whitest Kids I Know?


They know the truth about Abe Lincoln’s assassination: Makers of Forever Puppies: Celebrators of SATURDAY!!!!!!! Musicians of questionable ethics and talent: Pizza’s NOT for breakfast: And so much more… (disclaimer: many are nsfw & many more aren’t that funny)

makes me want a friend (or two) for my cat


Kittens-Coca Cola Box

animated gif friday


(click to watch) show casing the most dramatic punch in the face, quite possibly, ever. not to mention hasselhoff at his best. thanx andre!

Bruce Springsteen does MS (internal) Vista SP1 music video


WARNING: painful to watch, worse to hear; bleeding of the ears may occur… this is the kind of overproduced trash that makes me cringe at the possibility of microsoft absorbing yahoo… (I can’t imagine yahoo allowing something as awful as this vid – not to mention Y!’s “ecosystem” is entirely contrary to microsoft’s) – it’s […]

Man trapped in an NYC elevator for 41 hours – condensed video via security cam


first of all, wow… I can’t help but imagine how I would have handled such an experience. after going batshit crazy for a number of hours, I imagine a spiritual awakening (of sorts) and a heck of a lot of praying. I hope he was a bad man who deserved it, got his come-uppins or […]

Mountain Goats – Deianara Crush


that mad egg shaker is my friend Deo, a good man with some seriously untapped talent, no!? …thus concludes “naraku’s youtube music video day”.

Acoustic “Hey Ya” cover rocks the video (and ~2 mil. views)


this guy is talented as hell: great voice, great guitar, great beard. in many ways, it is better than the original. – download an mp3 version here (credit goes to… – and/or check out that fella’s band on myspace here

“I Wanna Be The Guy” – old school platformer of insane difficulty


I Wanna Be The Guy is the most macochistic 2d sidescrolley-platformery-adventure game I’ve ever seen or heard of. it doesn’t appeal to me really, but I’m still fairly impressed by people who are great at these things. respect. like this guy, he has crazy mad platformer skill: as seen from the vid, iwbtg is inspired […]

backwards world love in a


an exemplary independant film appropriate for today, happy valentines day. via ze’s blog

“hawaii chair” brings the hula into the workplace, finally!


yipee! can’t wait for hawaii wheel-chairs. wtf?!?! via abrams.

hot pockets


had your lunch stolen from the communial fridge like this guy? in this case, jim “hoooot pockets” gaffigan (probably) thinks he did you a favor:

“you know I’ve cancelled that in my area hahaha my haha you’re either in or you’re out”


look I wish the world were a different place. I’d like to go n vacation and go and romp an…play… and just do that. you know what I mean? I mean… thhhaat’s what I want it to be. ok. that’s how I would would there’s times I would’ve liked to do that. but I can’t […]

Ron Paul – the only True Conservative Republican left – man of Integrity


this video is a couple months old, but is a fantastic demonstration of greatness that could be President Paul.

Green Team – starring Will Ferrell and friends


Green Team on