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prey united, overpowers hunters


this little gem of a clip is one of raw wildlife triumph without glam or editing techniques. captured by some lucky touristas who stumbled upon the story of a hurd of buffalo rescuing one of their own from *two* gangs of hunters – lions and crocs. A Brawl In The Safari

buff up doing simple at home exercises


“300 Spartan Workout Training. Home Version.”

the hot hot hot or cold way to get dents out


“Remove Car Dent With Airduster”

beauty is just a photo shoot/shop away


cool fast motion vid, only thing I think it’s lacking is a flash back to or side-by-side of the original girl.

tickle me elmo on fire


when I first saw TME in action I was rather horrified. this video makes me feel better. thanks abram.

everything comes down to poo!


thank you scrubs.

old school Dungeons and Dragons commercial


D&D huge nerd alert!!!!! (weeeoooweeeoooweeeooooo) thank you people of youtube for the much needed lol.

scrubs dubs charlie brown christmas


based on the characters from the show, the dialog is completely redone and dubed over the formerly cutsey-wewtsy story. in a word – awesome. little background detail linky: A Charlie Brown Christmas… Scrubs style in case the above nutscrape video barfs, here’s a youtube link to the video.

family guy behind the scenes


peter/quagmire/stewie (creator – seth macfarlane), lois/loretta (alex borstein), meg (mila kunis), cleveland (mike henry) all doing their thing. I’d love to see adam west doing his thing too.. mmm taffy. link nabbed from abram’s blog.

warm and fuzzy moment: a story without words


I saw this first awhile back on abram’s blog and just came across it again in my little linkies.txt file worthy of keeping but not bookmarking. tis time to share the kiwi’s story: it is a masterful piece work is it not? the lil tear comes just at the right time. if it doesn’t make […]

warm and fuzzy moment: amidst chaos


seriously good to see this kind of thing. it is truly beautiful in that it illustrates we are all human beneath it all. it’s touching to see him use the gun in a most nonviolent of ways. just as when I see hackey sack players I join in. though the surreality of doing so in […]

this guy is fucking crazy (talented)


click “read the rest” for 2 more vids of his that demonstrate a special norwegian brand of insanity.

UCLA PD tazer happy


witness the amazing feat of (university) police brutality! granted, guy was likely being exceedingly difficult for the UCPD to even come… I worked those late hours at the computer lab at CSUC a semester and occasionally had problems w/people who strongly felt they should not have to leave or show ID to stay… never so […]