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thankyou network / citicards bullshit


citibank is my first CC with rewards – free of $$ charge; free of cost however – not even close. #1 Gripe: thankyou network is pathetic. the “reward” points you receive are approx. 100/dollar spent. ok fine. I decided to use some – 13,500 points for a PS2 – cool – about $135. I order […]

play guitar hero with your fender guitar (mod)


oh the humanity… these mod crazy foos reconstruct an innocent fender squire guitar into a wireless guitar hero controller. is there a market for this? probably. the culprit blog: toolmonger – how to build your own wireless guitar hero controller

how far will your car go?


betcha not 1,000,000 miles like Peter Gilbert’s 1989 Saab 900 SPG. pretty damn impressive; only other vehicles I’ve heard going this far are old(er) toyota trucks [got a link? I can’t find shit]. my bro has an early 90s Saab and he recently rebuilt the transmission, I wonder how far his will go.

lady banned for life from airline due to being poor problem solver


too funny; granted more funny to me due to recent events w/my lovely-lady-friend and her similar stanky problem. Apparently, this passenger was banned for life because she lit a match on a plane. When she was questioned about why she lit the match, she responded that she had hoped to hide the smell of her […]

(my) windows clock defies the “law”


so I sit here, with approximately 2 hours remaining in my longass day, staring at my winblows clock/calendar. not just because I’m bored/procrastinating/lazy, but cuz I have some good ass shit coming up that temporarily has me dreamily distracted. ok, everyone does, holiday season is fun yeah. I have vacation time and quite likely a […]

new age video cards


I just came across this slickdeal: GeForce 8800 GTX 768 MB DDR3 PCI Express Graphics Card – $534.73 after discount+tax & GeForce 8800 GTS 640 MB DDR3 PCI Express Graphics Card – $381.73 after discount+tax – Cheapest on PriceGrabber is $638. while I’m definitely not in the market for this it still has quite a […]

bush administration slips immunity from war crimes into pending house bill


this is surly a sign of how bad things have are beneith the veil of bush gov secrecy; perhaps we can look on the positive, this injection is a subtle admission of guilt – who else but crooks and liars seek innocence before being deemed guilty? I don’t know how objective this Cafferty guy is, […]

UCLA PD tazer happy


witness the amazing feat of (university) police brutality! granted, guy was likely being exceedingly difficult for the UCPD to even come… I worked those late hours at the computer lab at CSUC a semester and occasionally had problems w/people who strongly felt they should not have to leave or show ID to stay… never so […]

look how I’ve changed


my friend and secret male-concubine matt kelly discovered a secret about me. my appearance has changed rather drastically. Oh, and Go Ducks.



megagaltastic megagaltastic megagaltastic megagaltastic megagaltastic. I’d say I am semi-megagaltastic or an aspiring megagaltasticist. Ze‘s a good guy. If I were gay, I’d like Ze. I’ve written about Ze previously.

screw you blizzard


to blizzard support: for some reason, you *still* can’t get this shit (routine maintance?!) done on time. after nearly 2 years of running this game, and an near infinite amount of money to keep things moving forward, why can’t you bring servers back online ON TIME on a regular basis?! your developers and artists are […]

blood in the water


so I guess I drink too much: too much coffee, too much vodka. at least that’s what my mommy says. it rather happily explains why since as of this week, I have been wiping small amounts of red from my ass. but only when I poo, there is no leakage (eww). it’s a much better […]

idiosyncratic oversights


..I’ve become overly comfortable… or unusually lazy… or I’m getting old… in any case, it is reaching a very disturbing level.  for the second time this week, I left myself completely at the mercy of the thieves / miscreants in my neighborhood. monday, I left my car doors unlocked, ok, so my car could’ve been […]

starts so simply ends so tragically


my downhill slope is fast and relentless… it sure would be fun to ride down physically. to begin with, I’ve been pretty “sad” today anyway – so the emotional ride down the slope is pretty fucking miserable. I see a (slick)deal for rollerblades… I immediately think, hey! this would be fun to pick up again […]

random drunk epiphany


so I’m washing my face, brushing my teeth before a “nights rest” aka brief nap and I look at myself in the mirror and wonder, who is going to enjoy this ridiculously hot guy tonight? oh, that’s right. nobody. I’m talkin’, seriously orlando bloom or matthew mcconaughey h o t. yeah. damnit.. look good but […]