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this is not about race, it’s about change


I voted for Obama and I am happy that he won. he is the lesser of the evils, which is an awesome change to the past two terms. I am confident he will do more good than evil. granted, he doesn’t have to do much right to top the current act‘s numerous and grievous wrongs to come out a hero.

by the by: while I am not a democratic party member, I tend to the left. but I also wholeheartedly agree with the policies of republican Ron Paul.

so anyway, I was watching the news last night and a reporter interviewed a young black man who proclaimed among other slightly black-centric statements, how long that “they” have been waiting for this. and while I’m sorry for the slavery of your ancestors and the contemporary oppression/version of such injustice, I can’t help but feel that that kind of mentality just further sets us back from becoming a color-blind society. the dream that Obama (marketing) has won us over with is that his vision and influence of “hope and change” will proliferate America and make it a better place for all. singling out the black element of America’s new leader is not helpful, and I have no doubt President-elect Barack would agree.

so please, young black guy, don’t steal our hope-thunder with your blind and somewhat arrogant pride. just be proud to live where you do and realize you couldn’t have elected Obama without all the help of your fellow (non-black) Americans.

which one of these is not like the others
[image by patrick moberg, via abram’s nickels]

this is THE END of movies


a flickr group.
the end two     the end three   the end one   the end four

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interface perceptions – elevator door close faster damnit


I'm guilty of this

since becoming an avid elevator rider (two to four 7th floor round trips a day,) I’ve noticed my habit to press the button many times. there’s something downright visceral about doing something whilst waiting for the inevitable. generally, a concious effort is required to stop from repeatedly smacking that inconsequential button.

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Suzuki favors Europe with additional V-Strom love


they get so many more options, from colors to new models.

for instance, the DL650X which is not offered to America:
european pre farkled wee

The new non-ABS VStrom 650X has arrived on the scene to complement the range, still with the versatility to switch from urban sprawl to country lanes, but with the punchy and flexible v-twin engine.
It comes with alloy skid plate, engine bars, hand guards and black sports screen, in Candy Sonoma Red or Matt Black for a fantastic price of £5,149 [~$8375].

for that price, and all those sweet addons (farkles) it’s a hellva deal! I paid around $8k for mine after taxes, registrations & fees…ugh! plus all the addons I’ve put on thus far: madstad bracket, handguards, center stand, givi luggage, crampbuster, buell signals. and I still want to get a givi windshield and engine guard, skid plate and maybe that black sports screen the 650X has for the summer time. at this rate, I doubt I’ll ever be “done” farkling my wee. not to mention all the costs of repairs I’ve incurred and still have yet to do! classy motorcycling is simply not for the poor man’s pocket book – tis a pricy way of life.

p.s. the germans get *four* colors to choose from for their v-strom ABS model… More…

soyo 26 inch lcd monitor – joy or ploy?


that is, was this impluse buy worthwhile or should I have just bought a comparable priced, known-quality 20-22″ screen?

I bought a soyo pearl 26″ widescreen lcd (DYLM26E6) for ~$230 on utter compusion “thanks” to slickdeals… and unlike many folks, I received my order within a few days without a single hitch.

soyo 26 inch widescreen lcd

other than the expected freakin’ huge screen – this coming from a long time user of 20″ WS monitors – the bundled accessories leave much to be desired: vga cable, power cable, audio cable, instruction/warranty booklet.

the specs:

1920×1200 pixel WUXGA resolution
1200:1 contrast ratio with 2ms response time
16:9 aspect ratio
Brightness: 500 Nits
176º viewing angles
Built-in speakers deliver stereo quality sound
Input: 1 VGA, 1 DVI, 1 audio (3.5mm)
1-Year limited warranty

this is not a high-quality monitor. the stand is a dead giveaway of how many corners were cut in manufacturing this screen. that said, my screen is OK. as far as I can tell, there are no dead pixels – something many others who cashed in on the slickdeal have complained about.

all in all, I’d be pretty happy with the thing *IF* the colors weren’t so f’d up. I been unable to tweak the settings (which by the way, are limited and the UI is poor) to my liking – that is, everything just looks “off.” tv shows, movies, games look alright but the windows GUI just looks wrong. this is compared to samsung and dell 20″WS screens… the best I’ve come to getting the color spectrum sane is by using these settings.

I’d probably return the thing but it was a stock liquidation by officemax so they aren’t taking returns. if you’re in the market for a bigass screen at at a budget price, pass on this and get a dell or samsung.

a snowman in seven unicode chars


(the coolest unicode ☃ ever)
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RIP, my dear friend Sansa e280


at just over two years old, my audio companion was forcefully taken away. torn off my motorcycle-pants while traveling through Novato at 75 MPH on a three-lane portion of the 101 freeway. its last heard words were “…his appetite had just returned.” oh how I miss thee greatly. sentiments aside, it’s as if I tossed two c-notes into the wind at a packed stadium; what a bitch. as as soon as you were gone, I knew it was for good. pronounced shitdamfuckshitshitshitgone dead at 7pm 10/8/08; may ye rest in peace… hope you got squashed quickly and throughly.

ex sansa e280

California Bureau of Automotive reinstates assitive programs


I was totally expecting this program to be dropped due to all the CA budgety delays and global credit crisis’ riggamarole. anyway, good news for my old mercedes that has been sitting collecting bird crap and dust in front of my house.

if you have a california vehicle that doesn’t pass smog, like I do, do not dismay! you will probably be granted assistance under reinstated program known as CAP (consumer assistance program.) just fill out the form found on the ca bureau of automotive website and then after receiving ‘yes, you’re in’ go get the repairs done. in theory, this saves me (and you?) a few hundred buckaronies.

Effective immediately, CAP Repair Assistance and Vehicle Retirement service contracts, as well as the Referee contract, have been reinstated. Today, October 6, 2008, services provided under the CAP contracts may resume. Consumers can contact CAP at (866) 272-9642.

just say no to Palin – animated gif friday xiv


palin is an insult to our country

related: video clip from Couric’s Palin interview…

sarah palin does not appear in a 2001 google search


why is this significant? well, it exposes her utter lack of political leader experience by showing that just seven years ago, she was completely off the radar.

say McCain and Palin are elected and then he dies (not all that unlikely) – we now have a president who was a city council member, mayor of a town with a mere ~5K population and <two years governeral experience of the most distant state in the U.S.. give me a frackin’ break!#@$* we’d be ROYALLY SCREWED. Oh but wait, she’s got ~1 year AK-OIL-COMISSIONER experience too, awesome!? is this someone we want so close to the reins?

2001 google search results:

senator barack obama has #1
senator joe biden also has #1
senator john mccain also has #1
governor sarah palin does not have a single result.

please do not vote for McCain/Palin

fired up over mega man 9 on xbox live


two days until the nostalgic platformer blast fest commenses. I most enjoyed mega man games 2 through 6 with another go at it sometime in the X series though which I can’t recall.

mega man 9 bosses

it is already out on wii and playstation network and coming to xbox live 10/2/08.

stereoscopic photos – animated gif friday xiii


a 3d glimpse of oldie time miners photos…
miners troupe   More…

Jean-Luc Picard’s romantic alphabet dance number


patrick stewart is just so awesome.

how to create entire disk image backups across a network


using command line utilities to perform powerful tasks brings about a special bit of joy that only a geek can truly enjoy. I shall spare you my story (for now) and simply present the research and study that led to these short and slick commands:

to create entire disk image:
server: nc -l -p 12345 > image.bz2
client: dd if=/dev/sda bs=4M | bzip -9z | nc server's-ip-address 12345

to copy created disk image to new client hard drive:
client: nc -l -p 12345 | dd of=/dev/sda
server: bzip2 -dc image.bz2 | nc client's-ip-address 12345

assumptions & prerequisites:

  1. intermediate Linux/unix knowledge (this aint no point ‘n’ click guide)
  2. two networked computers on the same IP subnet; a “server” with ample free disk space and a “client” who’s hard disk you wish to backup/image
  3. client computer must be bootable by USB or CD/DVD – I used a Ubunutu install CD
  4. each computer must have utilities dd, nc, and/or bzip2 or gzip (compression utility)
  5. note: though the compression utility is not required, it is highly recommended as the image you create will be the same size as the hard drive capacity – i.e. 120G drive will create a 120G image file without compression.
  6. you may want to tweak which compression method you use and examine the dd syntax, particularly the bs= portion
  7. it is important to watch the network or process I/O for progress meter as these processes will not terminate automatically due to the nature of nc which maintains a connection until manually broken.

updated 9/24/08: fixed copy created image to new hard drive server steps and added another assumption step. good luck!

hottest governor from the coldest state


palin does dallas
movie poster by my buddy Mondo
(release date tba)