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tube cat! – animated gif friday xix



One of my best old logos



Paul Rudd’s Computer is awesome


PS22 kids chorus sing Phoenix’s “Liztomania”


They really get into it too. It is a great example of engaged and excited kids. Great work.

Patrick Stewart likes abstraction, will not twit


deprecated blog


Naraku, the blahog, has pretty much been dead for awhile now. I finally figured out what I want to write about and keep up on. Stuff that’s Fun To Think About. The name leaves me so much wiggle room I’m virtually guaranteed to fit in no matter how many tangents I take.

As for naraku, I’m not entirely sure what to turn this domain into yet. There’s a lot of history here and a decent number of visitors still for the archives. So it’ll probably continue to “live on life support” for now at least.

Head on over to Fun To Think About to keep up w/my daily Internety antics. Or follow me on twitter here and funtothinkabout here. Thanks for visiting!

resizing a Virtual Box hard disk


Here’s a “quick & dirty” way to resize that Virtual Box .vdi hard drive you made too small. (Yeah, I did too.)

1) Get a “rescue OS” iso, System Rescue CD is the one I used
2) Create a new hard disk in Virtual Box by going to File -> Virtual Disk Manager
3) Update your current Virtual Machine settings to use the new disk image as a slave hard disk
4) Mount the rescue OS iso file in the CD-ROM settings
5) Make sure the boot order will boot off the CD
6) Once booted, type startx
7) Once in X, type gparted in the terminal
8) In gparted, select the primary partition you wish to make bigger and choose copy
9) Use the drop down menu to select the new second hard disk
10) Right click on the representation of the disk and click paste
11) gparted will prompt you for the size of the disk, drag the slider to the new size, leave space for a swap partition if desired then click apply
12) Once complete, right click on the disk and choose Manage Flags, check Boot then Exit gparted
12.5) If you’re Guest OS is Linux, you’ll need to reinstall grub; if not, you can skip the next two steps
13) To reinstall grub type these setup commands in the terminal:

  • sudo mount -t proc none /mnt/root/proc
  • sudo mount -o bind /dev /mnt/root/dev
  • sudo chroot /mnt/root /bin/bash
  • sudo grub

14) In grub, type these commands:

  • find /boot/grub/stage1
  • root (hd0,0)
  • setup (hd0)
  • quit

15) Shutdown the rescue OS and update the Virtual Machine settings to use the new disk as the primary master
16) Make sure you Unmount CD iso
17) And now you’re done, go ahead and Boot the VM and you’re new size disk is ready to go

Supposedly you can use vditool to do something like this but I think the preceding is the method most people will find easiest.

ze frank’s The Show is “back”


…in it’s new & permanently sponsored form, “That makes me think of”, the first of which is here at

as a fan of the original “The Show”, I see that Time has essentially allowed Ze to exercise his presentational art form to it’s near fullest. while I doubt very much we’ll see anything as awesome, like “fingers in food” (see vid below,) coming out of this new venue, I am excited for the world at large that once we again may bask in his comedic and insightful interpretation of current events.

wordpress new user SPAM


this blog gets about 3-5 new *spam* users per day. I imagine they are trying to post comments post-login but I have that function cleverly spam-trapped. anyway, since *real* users don’t need an account to post comments I’ve disabled user creation.

aches and pain caused by RSI can be prevented


I have been using computers for damn all my life and never had too much trouble with the repeditive stress injuries that are so common for folks like me. finally though, it turns out I am not immune: my hand and wrist have been aching like hell almost all the time for about a week now. other than complaining, I’ve done some research and have set out to change my otherwise passive-prevention ways.

while IANAD, and have not yet seen one, I believe conforming to basic ergonomics (the passive ways I personally have always abided by) can help a lot. But on top of that, and possibly more important is stretching frequently. I hope that doing some simple exercises will help me and possibly you avoid similar and annoying pain while ultimately preventing carpal tunnel and/or other equally unpleasant syndromes.

first up is this guy, who demonstrates some simple, quick and (likely) effective stretches:

and then for more, mostly full body, including some bad ass animated gif action, is this link to Preventing and healing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Repetitive Stress Injuries and exercises for RSI tendonitis.

LED SHEEP! very cool indie ad


this brings a smile.

mr rogers was so hip – animated gif friday xviii


mr rogers pop and lock

entertaining disaster – visualizing the credit crisis


the credit catastrophe clearly conceptualized and manifest by clever little animations.

while no solution is offered, the purpose is elegantly achieved – a clear outline of the cause of and contributing factors to the problem our global economy contemporarily faces.

not just spooky “Friday the 13th” but “1234567890” day, too!


of course, the latter only applying to the geekiest among us as it is the digits represented by the unix time stamp as of today (Friday, February 13 3:31PM) for systems in the pacific standard timezone.

so today, thank your friendly neighborhood developers, who work feverishly deep in the underbelly of modern-day-internet-society, and share a drink. maybe a scary story, too.

[via 1234567890day]

misteps and mishaps = hilarious ninconpoopery – animated gif friday xvii


dumb ass move

robber bumbles hold up

bag punches back