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addressing the v-strom, aka windstrom, buffeting problems

it is well known that the biggest (arguably) design defect in the v-strom is the wind buffeting that can be described as . I experienced it immediately and bought a madstad adjustable windshield bracket which helped, a little. as the winter weather really started kicking in, and I swear my hearing was getting worse, I went for the slick looking and larger (in both width and height) than stock GIVI D260ST Wind Shield.

Givi versus Suzuki stock Windshields

the install was smooth as can be, the Givi attached to my madstad as readily as the Suzuki stock shield did. with the stock shield, I had madstad adjusted all the way up and forward. with the Givi this was unacceptable as I could no longer see over the shield. so now it’s almost all the way down and pulled a little way back from fully front.

with the Madstad + Givi combo, a total cost of ~$230 new, the buffeting problem as close to gone as anyone could reasonably expect. the shield itself is of high build quality and looks great. it does have one element of concern regarding an appearent “lens effect.” in bright direct sunlight it has been reported that the Givi shield can melt the dashboard. there is a warning sticker on the shield that states this as well. while a little disconcerting, not really a problem since I keep mine covered in the summer.

nate's farkled 2008 DL650A

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