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aches and pain caused by RSI can be prevented

I have been using computers for damn all my life and never had too much trouble with the repeditive stress injuries that are so common for folks like me. finally though, it turns out I am not immune: my hand and wrist have been aching like hell almost all the time for about a week now. other than complaining, I’ve done some research and have set out to change my otherwise passive-prevention ways.

while IANAD, and have not yet seen one, I believe conforming to basic ergonomics (the passive ways I personally have always abided by) can help a lot. But on top of that, and possibly more important is stretching frequently. I hope that doing some simple exercises will help me and possibly you avoid similar and annoying pain while ultimately preventing carpal tunnel and/or other equally unpleasant syndromes.

first up is this guy, who demonstrates some simple, quick and (likely) effective stretches:

and then for more, mostly full body, including some bad ass animated gif action, is this link to Preventing and healing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Repetitive Stress Injuries and exercises for RSI tendonitis.

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