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Category Archives: animated gif friday

tube cat! – animated gif friday xix


mr rogers was so hip – animated gif friday xviii


misteps and mishaps = hilarious ninconpoopery – animated gif friday xvii


motorcyclist rear ended – animated gif friday xvi


this horrific cop-cam capture is of a rubbernecker who literally mows down a biker at a traffic light. this is exactly why I split lanes or flash my brake lights with hold on the clutch until there is a stopped car safely behind me. if only our helmets had eyes. AGF image note: you may […]

pushy penguin – animated gif friday xv


thanks Sarah!

just say no to Palin – animated gif friday xiv


related: video clip from Couric’s Palin interview…

stereoscopic photos – animated gif friday xiii


a 3d glimpse of oldie time miners photos…  

lollipop cat – animated gif friday xii


golfing mishaps – animated gif friday xi


musical enthusiasm – animated gif friday x


in honor of this weekends San Francisco Outside Lands festival going on, a couple rockin’ concert-esk animated gifs! graffiti contest-at the concert3 and don’t miss ye CrowdFire tent to publish your most awesome of media from the festival! the animation begins after the jump!

michael phelps – animated gif friday ix


a little nostalgia with this one, as gold medalist michael goes super saiyajin with excitement. and after the jump: phelps goes leo from sparta, and then some weird creature who fires blue plasma from his gaping jaw, and finally an info snippet about phelps’ ~12k calories consumed a day.

animated gif friday viii – planetary perspective


takes a few seconds longer to start than most ADD-anites can stand, but it’s worth it for dramatic effect, if you will. previously on agf…

animated gif friday vii – batman


in light of the recent release of the newest Batman flick, The Dark Knight, it seemed like a good time to revisit batman roots. (click for the full edge-of-your-seat-experience) oh Adam West Batman, don’t drop the bomb! be sure to check out all the AGF fun…

animated gif friday vi


today’s stars are… caffeine alcohol via iconbazaar, more molecules… previously on AGF, midget wrestling face slide.

animated gif friday v


midget wrestling is seriously hardcore. update 11/08: animation link broken, check out the video below for all the face sliding action) previously on AGF, happy forth o’ july.