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str8 up coolness!

Paul Rudd’s Computer is awesome


ze frank’s The Show is “back”


…in it’s new & permanently sponsored form, “That makes me think of”, the first of which is here at as a fan of the original “The Show”, I see that Time has essentially allowed Ze to exercise his presentational art form to it’s near fullest. while I doubt very much we’ll see anything as […]

LED SHEEP! very cool indie ad


this brings a smile.

addressing the v-strom, aka windstrom, buffeting problems


it is well known that the biggest (arguably) design defect in the v-strom is the wind buffeting that can be described as . I experienced it immediately and bought a madstad adjustable windshield bracket which helped, a little. as the winter weather really started kicking in, and I swear my hearing was getting worse, I […]

amazon mp3 download first purchase impressions


since its glorious DRM-free inception at the beginning of 2008, I’ve thought a few times, “hey I should but that album from amazon.” but then I load up rhapsody, which I already pay a ~$10/month subscription for, and there it is (usually…) well today, as if the amazonian borg collective finally penetrated my mind, I […]

a snowman in seven unicode chars


☃ (the coolest unicode ☃ ever) [via waxy and unicodesnowmanforyou]

California Bureau of Automotive reinstates assitive programs


I was totally expecting this program to be dropped due to all the CA budgety delays and global credit crisis’ riggamarole. anyway, good news for my old mercedes that has been sitting collecting bird crap and dust in front of my house. if you have a california vehicle that doesn’t pass smog, like I do, […]

fired up over mega man 9 on xbox live


two days until the nostalgic platformer blast fest commenses. I most enjoyed mega man games 2 through 6 with another go at it sometime in the X series though which I can’t recall. it is already out on wii and playstation network and coming to xbox live 10/2/08.

Jean-Luc Picard’s romantic alphabet dance number


patrick stewart is just so awesome.

how to create entire disk image backups across a network


using command line utilities to perform powerful tasks brings about a special bit of joy that only a geek can truly enjoy. I shall spare you my story (for now) and simply present the research and study that led to these short and slick commands: to create entire disk image: server: nc -l -p 12345 […]

police v-strom motorcycles in Montrose, Colorado


this fine specimen of the Suzuki DL650 is the 2007 version outfitted for the man.     I particularly like the luggage bags – utilitarian minimalistism yet stylin’. and while I think the flat black model would look better as a police vehicle, the befitting expression of the boys in blue makes up for it. […]

musical enthusiasm – animated gif friday x


in honor of this weekends San Francisco Outside Lands festival going on, a couple rockin’ concert-esk animated gifs! graffiti contest-at the concert3 and don’t miss ye CrowdFire tent to publish your most awesome of media from the festival! the animation begins after the jump!

michael phelps – animated gif friday ix


a little nostalgia with this one, as gold medalist michael goes super saiyajin with excitement. and after the jump: phelps goes leo from sparta, and then some weird creature who fires blue plasma from his gaping jaw, and finally an info snippet about phelps’ ~12k calories consumed a day.

how to teather blackberry and linux via bluetooth


this entry outlines the steps I took to successfully get my sprint blackberry pearl (8130 II) to share its data connection with my ubuntu 8.04 laptop by using the phone as a bluetooth modem. note/disclaimer: you must have a data plan and it is highly recommended that it be unlimited. additionally, it is my understanding […]

Massachusetts state police motorcycle


perhaps they were burned one too many times by those pesky uber high speed sport bike utilizing criminals. and how handy, high speed tear gas deployment! it reminds me a bit of The Dark Knight’s new two-wheeled ride…