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RIP, my dear friend Sansa e280


at just over two years old, my audio companion was forcefully taken away. torn off my motorcycle-pants while traveling through Novato at 75 MPH on a three-lane portion of the 101 freeway. its last heard words were “…his appetite had just returned.” oh how I miss thee greatly. sentiments aside, it’s as if I tossed […]

just say no to Palin – animated gif friday xiv


related: video clip from Couric’s Palin interview…

sarah palin does not appear in a 2001 google search


why is this significant? well, it exposes her utter lack of political leader experience by showing that just seven years ago, she was completely off the radar. say McCain and Palin are elected and then he dies (not all that unlikely) – we now have a president who was a city council member, mayor of […]

beer will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no beer


tech and booze are the only industries (relatively) unhampered by a depressed economy. being that I work in one and frequently enjoy the other (in moderation!) I feel good about that. The uptick is significant for a mature industry with roughly $50 billion in annual sales, particularly as consumers reduce spending on other discretionary purchases, […]

Mr. T plus product placement pain


Mister T, the Aussie Snickers mascot. [image via jezebel and bauergriffin]

heat map mashups – USA gas and home prices


USA Gas Price Heat Map USA Home Price Heat Map observations / comments: – it would be impossible for middle class mid-western family to move to CA – biggest observed contrast: what’s up with wyoming home prices?! – need a salary heat map to round out the comparisons!

animated gif friday ii


previously, knight rider turbo punch!!

attack of the terrible error msg


Error: Error occurred while rendering portlet – see provider log file for details no link, no nothing but an obsecure-tech riddled message with zero indication of how to remedy the issue. WTF?! …never a good msg to get upon resetting one’s password for the HR company that handles all my personal info. on the plus […]

damn you rhapsody, give me death cab


or should I say damn you Atlantic? who’s holding out here?! new Death Cab for Cutie and I can’t listen to it… (ok, ok, I get 30secs of each song. nothxfubai.) update 5/16: got a hold of the album; one “word” review: ehhh..

how to annoy complete strangers


in a major chain retail store, on a major everybody-generally-celebrates-this-holiday, be non-shalant-friendly yet shushed as if giving-away-a-well-kept-secret-but-I-like-your-face kind of deal, say “hey, say that stuff is for your mom and you’ll get a discount (!)” to everyone you see. thanks guy, for your non-tip resulting in a dirty-no-there-is-no-such-discount-you’re-a-jerk-for-asking-look, ass.

hard at work, demonstrating skill


another tough (fri)day at the office… thanks, justin!

Bruce Springsteen does MS (internal) Vista SP1 music video


WARNING: painful to watch, worse to hear; bleeding of the ears may occur… this is the kind of overproduced trash that makes me cringe at the possibility of microsoft absorbing yahoo… (I can’t imagine yahoo allowing something as awful as this vid – not to mention Y!’s “ecosystem” is entirely contrary to microsoft’s) – it’s […]

Man trapped in an NYC elevator for 41 hours – condensed video via security cam


first of all, wow… I can’t help but imagine how I would have handled such an experience. after going batshit crazy for a number of hours, I imagine a spiritual awakening (of sorts) and a heck of a lot of praying. I hope he was a bad man who deserved it, got his come-uppins or […]

South Dakota – the only state without hate groups


as observed in this Hate Rises – washingtonpost article (technically, RI also has “none”, but that ruins my title, and honestly how accurate can this really be?)

downtime blows


thanks to some fairly major electrical issues over at my host, the day I had actually planned on posting a bunchastuff was lost (and no, I didn’t feel like posting in some lame-ol’ word processor to post later on…) so no kittykat posts yet, that little photogenic brat isn’t very inspiring to write about. One […]