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product reviews and other interesting tidbits

resizing a Virtual Box hard disk


Here’s a “quick & dirty” way to resize that Virtual Box .vdi hard drive you made too small. (Yeah, I did too.) 1) Get a “rescue OS” iso, System Rescue CD is the one I used 2) Create a new hard disk in Virtual Box by going to File -> Virtual Disk Manager 3) Update […]

ze frank’s The Show is “back”


…in it’s new & permanently sponsored form, “That makes me think of”, the first of which is here at as a fan of the original “The Show”, I see that Time has essentially allowed Ze to exercise his presentational art form to it’s near fullest. while I doubt very much we’ll see anything as […]

aches and pain caused by RSI can be prevented


I have been using computers for damn all my life and never had too much trouble with the repeditive stress injuries that are so common for folks like me. finally though, it turns out I am not immune: my hand and wrist have been aching like hell almost all the time for about a week […]

entertaining disaster – visualizing the credit crisis


the credit catastrophe clearly conceptualized and manifest by clever little animations. while no solution is offered, the purpose is elegantly achieved – a clear outline of the cause of and contributing factors to the problem our global economy contemporarily faces.

not just spooky “Friday the 13th” but “1234567890” day, too!


of course, the latter only applying to the geekiest among us as it is the digits represented by the unix time stamp as of today (Friday, February 13 3:31PM) for systems in the pacific standard timezone. so today, thank your friendly neighborhood developers, who work feverishly deep in the underbelly of modern-day-internet-society, and share a […]

track PMS – the threat of global bitchiness exposed


funny, was just talking about this. questions like, do women actually have to track their cycle? can’t they just feel it coming on? apparently there are many who keep a record on a calendar. (fortunately for me, this is not an issue, my lady is as cool as a cucumber.) while the site is targeted […]

Canon Civil War – SD880IS vs SD990IS – part three


In a war this close, choosing the victor is far less fun than waging the battles themselves. I say this because it was a tough call and regardless of outcome, have thoroughly enjoyed both of these memory-capture devices. Aesthetics and usage While I generally prefer the color black to silver, I can’t get over the […]

Canon Civil War – SD880IS vs SD990IS – part two


Through the eyes of the Combatants… (aka Sample Photos!) Seeing is believing and this battle aims to expose what each competitor is made of. So, I took many many auto shooting-mode photos to simulate the typical life of the point and shoot camera. that is: no tripods, no ideal lighting, no expert photographer (me.) The […]

Canon Civil War – SD880IS vs SD990IS – part one


Sizing up the Competitors These are Canon’s brand-new Digital ELPH ultra-compact point and shoot cameras, currently top of the line in each of their convoluted-naming-scheme classes. While I could list all of each camera’s specs, I won’t because their feature sets are essentially the same. (Feel free to read up on them on Canon’s website: […]

addressing the v-strom, aka windstrom, buffeting problems


it is well known that the biggest (arguably) design defect in the v-strom is the wind buffeting that can be described as . I experienced it immediately and bought a madstad adjustable windshield bracket which helped, a little. as the winter weather really started kicking in, and I swear my hearing was getting worse, I […]

amazon mp3 download first purchase impressions


since its glorious DRM-free inception at the beginning of 2008, I’ve thought a few times, “hey I should but that album from amazon.” but then I load up rhapsody, which I already pay a ~$10/month subscription for, and there it is (usually…) well today, as if the amazonian borg collective finally penetrated my mind, I […]

how to set the vstrom clock


from the this should be easier than it actually is department. I finally got around to resetting my v-strom’s clock today to account for daylight-savings. anyway, because it has a steeper learning curve than most, I had to look it up… I figured the manual was the best one stop – wrong! there is a […]

how to buy made in usa toys


for buying via amazon, which happens to be my preferred medium of choice for gifts, this search technique can also be utilized in other ways by the imaginative conscientious consumer. since toys are predominantly made in china, this is a great example: buy “local” and support your aching economy.

the problem with corn ethanol and big-government’s short-sightedness


Q: Do you deny global warming? Is Obama right to invest money in green technology? If you don’t deny it, and don’t think Obama is right, what is your solution? A: I try to look at global warming the same way I look at all other serious issues: as objectively and open-minded as possible. … […]

soyo 26 inch lcd monitor – joy or ploy?


that is, was this impluse buy worthwhile or should I have just bought a comparable priced, known-quality 20-22″ screen? I bought a soyo pearl 26″ widescreen lcd (DYLM26E6) for ~$230 on utter compusion “thanks” to slickdeals… and unlike many folks, I received my order within a few days without a single hitch. other than the […]