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it never ends!

futurama final fantasy vii


a marvelous combination of two of my favorite plots players:

cables matter – the overlooked PS2 component cable factor


naraku presents: a brief homage to the wonders that are component cables; a side-by-side comparison to composite cables; a ps2 component cable review. I had a problem with my Playstation 2 on my 42″ Westinghouse LCD: using the composite cables included, it looked like utter shit! …I almost broke down and hooked it back up […]

quit one to play two!


so, earlier this month I canceled my WoW account (for the 2nd time) due to (renewed) lack o’ interest. I wrote previously about when I reactivated it. for the past few weeks, I couldn’t be happier about not having the WoW because I have my lovely bunches of fantasy (amongst other as-of-yet undisclosed fun.) final […]

games of greatest gravity (on me – part one?)


top 5’s of all time – impressions of these games were made generally when they were released, so I’ve tried take that into account as best I can recall. the Final Fantasy series games originally Square, and now Square-Enix (Squeenix) are loved by me immensely. 1.) – “How ’bout a little magitek mayhem?” -Kefka – […]