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nate’s thoughts on “the” matter

Canon Civil War – SD880IS vs SD990IS – part three


In a war this close, choosing the victor is far less fun than waging the battles themselves. I say this because it was a tough call and regardless of outcome, have thoroughly enjoyed both of these memory-capture devices. Aesthetics and usage While I generally prefer the color black to silver, I can’t get over the […]

Canon Civil War – SD880IS vs SD990IS – part two


Through the eyes of the Combatants… (aka Sample Photos!) Seeing is believing and this battle aims to expose what each competitor is made of. So, I took many many auto shooting-mode photos to simulate the typical life of the point and shoot camera. that is: no tripods, no ideal lighting, no expert photographer (me.) The […]

how to buy made in usa toys


for buying via amazon, which happens to be my preferred medium of choice for gifts, this search technique can also be utilized in other ways by the imaginative conscientious consumer. since toys are predominantly made in china, this is a great example: buy “local” and support your aching economy.

this is not about race, it’s about change


I voted for Obama and I am happy that he won. he is the lesser of the evils, which is an awesome change to the past two terms. I am confident he will do more good than evil. granted, he doesn’t have to do much right to top the current act‘s numerous and grievous wrongs […]

interface perceptions – elevator door close faster damnit


since becoming an avid elevator rider (two to four 7th floor round trips a day,) I’ve noticed my habit to press the button many times. there’s something downright visceral about doing something whilst waiting for the inevitable. generally, a concious effort is required to stop from repeatedly smacking that inconsequential button. [via slantback]

soyo 26 inch lcd monitor – joy or ploy?


that is, was this impluse buy worthwhile or should I have just bought a comparable priced, known-quality 20-22″ screen? I bought a soyo pearl 26″ widescreen lcd (DYLM26E6) for ~$230 on utter compusion “thanks” to slickdeals… and unlike many folks, I received my order within a few days without a single hitch. other than the […]

sarah palin does not appear in a 2001 google search


why is this significant? well, it exposes her utter lack of political leader experience by showing that just seven years ago, she was completely off the radar. say McCain and Palin are elected and then he dies (not all that unlikely) – we now have a president who was a city council member, mayor of […]

how to create entire disk image backups across a network


using command line utilities to perform powerful tasks brings about a special bit of joy that only a geek can truly enjoy. I shall spare you my story (for now) and simply present the research and study that led to these short and slick commands: to create entire disk image: server: nc -l -p 12345 […]

one year review of web host


(almost) one year ago I switched from dreamhost to nearlyfreespeech for my primary web hosting needs.

California’s ambiguous Lane Splitting law


after an extended lane splitting adventure past multiple accidents on Northbound highway 101 yesterday, including a brief inconsequential encounter with a CHP biker, I figured I should find out exactly what the law states. (as ignorance is never a valid excuse) California Highway Patrol’s website states: Can motorcycle riders “split” lanes and ride between other […]

700 mile observations of new 2008 v-strom 650


having just passed 700 miles (it started at 1!) and getting the ehh-ok at the 600 mile service – $170, overpriced oil change much? – I’ve noticed the bike running more and more smoothly and enjoying it more as well. from shifting to the power curve everything seems less jittery. part of this I am […]

fitness todo – one hundred pushups


I’ve always had an issue sticking to doing push ups regularly due to my bum elbow (it’s like arthritus/tennis-elbow/nerve damage but not.) it’s always been something I’d like to accomplish – that is, being able to do a shitload and reap all the benefits (superficial and otherwise.) I’ve seen firsthand how effective they are as […]

tiny is hot – tumbleweed houses


I adore the absolute efficiency of these homes. while they fascinate me to the point of awe, I wouldn’t want one as my primary domicile. I like my big screen tv, multi-monitor desk, couch, chairs, (ahh dishwasher…someday) and closets…. but, if given the choice of one of these or an RV, tumble me a house […]

random comments sampling: metafilter vs youtube


as a metafilter subscriber, I found this particularly enlightening and theory validating — metafilterer’s IQ > youtuber’s. metafilter’s commentation is intellectually-substance rich, and each subsquent participant generally brings something new to the table. where as youtube represents the opposite, relying completely on the video to provide substance. the comments are really an after thought, avg. […]

coding horror


in the latest article from my prefered programming-commentary blog, coding horror, aptly titled douchebaggery, Jeff Atwood calls some Rails OSX zealot named David a douche bag. I am inclined to agree, based simply on statements from David like this: I would have a hard time imagining hiring a programmer who was still on Windows for […]