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the life and times of nate

Patrick Stewart likes abstraction, will not twit


deprecated blog


Naraku, the blahog, has pretty much been dead for awhile now. I finally figured out what I want to write about and keep up on. Stuff that’s Fun To Think About. The name leaves me so much wiggle room I’m virtually guaranteed to fit in no matter how many tangents I take. As for naraku, […]

interface perceptions – elevator door close faster damnit


since becoming an avid elevator rider (two to four 7th floor round trips a day,) I’ve noticed my habit to press the button many times. there’s something downright visceral about doing something whilst waiting for the inevitable. generally, a concious effort is required to stop from repeatedly smacking that inconsequential button. [via slantback]

RIP, my dear friend Sansa e280


at just over two years old, my audio companion was forcefully taken away. torn off my motorcycle-pants while traveling through Novato at 75 MPH on a three-lane portion of the 101 freeway. its last heard words were “…his appetite had just returned.” oh how I miss thee greatly. sentiments aside, it’s as if I tossed […]

officially enlisted the xbox 360 army


taken by the news about final fantasy xiii coming to xbox 360 – I am definitely a FF fanatic – and this timely slickdeal for a black xbox 360 elite bundle ($300+tax, that’s ~$150 off) I just couldn’t resist. bye bye free time and extraneous bike trips… hmm… hope I didn’t make a mistake! :)

v-strom 650 mpg – wee mileage – op. bus commute update


whist riding my my v-strom six fiddy (’08) over the past 2k miles (that’s all of them by the by, including break in and a majority of commuter miles) I have averaged 54 mpg. my fill up habits tend not to push the envelope – as it can potentially cause fuel pump failure – the […]

operation commute: option B(us)


for about nine months now, my work-day has included commuting to Sausalito from Petaluma (and back.) I’ve done so via the Lazy American Way(tm,) that is driving only myself to and from work. most of that time, was spent listening to audiobooks in my reliable old benz and more recently, crusing the fast lane on […]

heat map mashups – USA gas and home prices


USA Gas Price Heat Map USA Home Price Heat Map observations / comments: – it would be impossible for middle class mid-western family to move to CA – biggest observed contrast: what’s up with wyoming home prices?! – need a salary heat map to round out the comparisons!

my “wee” strom – 2008 suzuki dl650 abs


1200 miles in, I love it. I even like the model name, DL650K8A. Current mods: painted exhaust shield, madstad windshield bracket/mount, and oem knuckle guards. 53 average MPG on my daily 70 mile commute, 90% freeway at speeds ~70MPH. actually kind of low compared to some other peoples milage reports – reporting high 50s low […]

motorcyclists STAY AWARE!!!!


So, I’ve become pretty comfortable on my daily ~35 mile commute (each way) but there’s always new ready-to-kill-me obstacles. This mornings were *two* abscent minded cagers changing lanes and a LADDER in the middle of the freeway. I wish I had captured a picture of that gigantic thing. It was almost fun, though, because I […]

700 mile observations of new 2008 v-strom 650


having just passed 700 miles (it started at 1!) and getting the ehh-ok at the 600 mile service – $170, overpriced oil change much? – I’ve noticed the bike running more and more smoothly and enjoying it more as well. from shifting to the power curve everything seems less jittery. part of this I am […]

fitness todo – one hundred pushups


I’ve always had an issue sticking to doing push ups regularly due to my bum elbow (it’s like arthritus/tennis-elbow/nerve damage but not.) it’s always been something I’d like to accomplish – that is, being able to do a shitload and reap all the benefits (superficial and otherwise.) I’ve seen firsthand how effective they are as […]

*hoot hoot* I need an owl nap


If you’re a lark, apt to wake as early as 6am, and go to sleep around 9 or 10 pm, you’re going to feel your nap need around 1 or 1:30 pm. If you’re an owl, preferring to go to bed after midnight or 1am, and to wake around 8 or 9am, your afternoon “sleep […]

appropriate image friday


as I work from home today, naturally still in my underwear, I’m overjoyed to not be stuck in the grind.

further stealership annoyances…


since purchasing my V-Strom from cyclewest, who assured me I was getting the bike on a “buddy deal,” I have received two return calls as a result of my multi-dealership inquiries back in april. the 2008 v-strom 650 abs has arrived, in great(er) numbers. so much for getting it to me ahead of the game, […]