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ze frank’s The Show is “back”


…in it’s new & permanently sponsored form, “That makes me think of”, the first of which is here at as a fan of the original “The Show”, I see that Time has essentially allowed Ze to exercise his presentational art form to it’s near fullest. while I doubt very much we’ll see anything as […]

not just spooky “Friday the 13th” but “1234567890” day, too!


of course, the latter only applying to the geekiest among us as it is the digits represented by the unix time stamp as of today (Friday, February 13 3:31PM) for systems in the pacific standard timezone. so today, thank your friendly neighborhood developers, who work feverishly deep in the underbelly of modern-day-internet-society, and share a […]

track PMS – the threat of global bitchiness exposed


funny, was just talking about this. questions like, do women actually have to track their cycle? can’t they just feel it coming on? apparently there are many who keep a record on a calendar. (fortunately for me, this is not an issue, my lady is as cool as a cucumber.) while the site is targeted […]

download “hope over fear” – President Obama’s inauguration speech


took way too long to find this; we have certainly entered an era where “traditional search” engines are fail. I finally found a link for Pres. Obama’s inauguration speech on twitter search after going through countless pages on y!, goog’ and utube. the reality is clear: news publications and search engines are too slow for […]

the problem with corn ethanol and big-government’s short-sightedness


Q: Do you deny global warming? Is Obama right to invest money in green technology? If you don’t deny it, and don’t think Obama is right, what is your solution? A: I try to look at global warming the same way I look at all other serious issues: as objectively and open-minded as possible. … […]

this is not about race, it’s about change


I voted for Obama and I am happy that he won. he is the lesser of the evils, which is an awesome change to the past two terms. I am confident he will do more good than evil. granted, he doesn’t have to do much right to top the current act‘s numerous and grievous wrongs […]

Suzuki favors Europe with additional V-Strom love


they get so many more options, from colors to new models. for instance, the DL650X which is not offered to America: The new non-ABS VStrom 650X has arrived on the scene to complement the range, still with the versatility to switch from urban sprawl to country lanes, but with the punchy and flexible v-twin engine. […]

California Bureau of Automotive reinstates assitive programs


I was totally expecting this program to be dropped due to all the CA budgety delays and global credit crisis’ riggamarole. anyway, good news for my old mercedes that has been sitting collecting bird crap and dust in front of my house. if you have a california vehicle that doesn’t pass smog, like I do, […]

sarah palin does not appear in a 2001 google search


why is this significant? well, it exposes her utter lack of political leader experience by showing that just seven years ago, she was completely off the radar. say McCain and Palin are elected and then he dies (not all that unlikely) – we now have a president who was a city council member, mayor of […]

beer will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no beer


tech and booze are the only industries (relatively) unhampered by a depressed economy. being that I work in one and frequently enjoy the other (in moderation!) I feel good about that. The uptick is significant for a mature industry with roughly $50 billion in annual sales, particularly as consumers reduce spending on other discretionary purchases, […]

matt damon denigrates sarah palin qualifications


bullet point transcript: – mayor of really small town – < two years at govenor of alaska - political purposes ticket - absurd - 1/3rd chance president palin?   - hockey mom from alaska facing down vladimir putin using the folksy stuff she learned at the hockey rink (haha)   - does she think dinosaurs […]

2009 v-strom 650 (DL650K9) arrive at U.S. dealerships


according to this stromtrooper thread, the new suzuki wee strom’s have hit dealerships in Texas. a couple lucky stromtroopers have already purchased theirs. here’s a couple shots of stromtrooper energywhiz123’s new ’09 650 gray beaut’: msrp pricing for this bad boy is set at $7,199 for non-abs and $7,499 with.

michael phelps – animated gif friday ix


a little nostalgia with this one, as gold medalist michael goes super saiyajin with excitement. and after the jump: phelps goes leo from sparta, and then some weird creature who fires blue plasma from his gaping jaw, and finally an info snippet about phelps’ ~12k calories consumed a day.

painting of television icon


I [my Dad, J. Vogel] created this piece in 2003, during the build-up to the Iraq War. It is a portrait of my T.V. the day after President Bush’s State of the Union Address. In this speech, the President delivered the infamous “16 Words”. My painting depicts Ari Fleisher at the White House press conference. […]

diablo three cometh


the diablo 3 trailer: a gameplay / narrative vid: My estimate D3 release date — Q4 2010*. * based on nothing scientific. More info and eye candy over at the official blizzard diablo III page.