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not just a hobby, a way of life

addressing the v-strom, aka windstrom, buffeting problems


it is well known that the biggest (arguably) design defect in the v-strom is the wind buffeting that can be described as . I experienced it immediately and bought a madstad adjustable windshield bracket which helped, a little. as the winter weather really started kicking in, and I swear my hearing was getting worse, I […]

how to set the vstrom clock


from the this should be easier than it actually is department. I finally got around to resetting my v-strom’s clock today to account for daylight-savings. anyway, because it has a steeper learning curve than most, I had to look it up… I figured the manual was the best one stop – wrong! there is a […]

motorcyclist rear ended – animated gif friday xvi


this horrific cop-cam capture is of a rubbernecker who literally mows down a biker at a traffic light. this is exactly why I split lanes or flash my brake lights with hold on the clutch until there is a stopped car safely behind me. if only our helmets had eyes. AGF image note: you may […]

Suzuki favors Europe with additional V-Strom love


they get so many more options, from colors to new models. for instance, the DL650X which is not offered to America: The new non-ABS VStrom 650X has arrived on the scene to complement the range, still with the versatility to switch from urban sprawl to country lanes, but with the punchy and flexible v-twin engine. […]

strommy gets a new pair of blinkers


I broke the right turn signal after dropping my vstrom for the second time ever (and in two days!) (actually, this pic was taken after a little emergency electrical tape was applied… it was too heartbreaking to capture though!) fuck, I thought, not the “upgrade” I was planning anytime soon. but fortunately, peoples of the […]

captured another 2009 wee from the wild


this time of the orange variety… I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot of these, and not just because they are eye poppingly orange! (this one belongs to stromtropper E-Nigma)     this post is a follow up (of sorts) to 09 vstrom’s arriving at U.S. dealerships. update 9/3/08 — […]

police v-strom motorcycles in Montrose, Colorado


this fine specimen of the Suzuki DL650 is the 2007 version outfitted for the man.     I particularly like the luggage bags – utilitarian minimalistism yet stylin’. and while I think the flat black model would look better as a police vehicle, the befitting expression of the boys in blue makes up for it. […]

2009 v-strom 650 (DL650K9) arrive at U.S. dealerships


according to this stromtrooper thread, the new suzuki wee strom’s have hit dealerships in Texas. a couple lucky stromtroopers have already purchased theirs. here’s a couple shots of stromtrooper energywhiz123’s new ’09 650 gray beaut’: msrp pricing for this bad boy is set at $7,199 for non-abs and $7,499 with.

how to maintain your motorcycle drive chain


first, understand that it needs to be done at least every 600 miles. second, realize that you just hit 2k miles on your new vstrom, and as far as you know, it has yet to be done… third, do it, now. – to clean, use kerosene. I used a clean (rag) towel soaked it and […]

color scheme that kicks you in the eyeballs


this suzuki enduro color scheme inspired wee belongs to stromtrooper user Surrlibrumm. this look makes the yellow and new orange wee subtle by comparison. here’s an suzuk’ enduro in not-so-suave action:

Massachusetts state police motorcycle


perhaps they were burned one too many times by those pesky uber high speed sport bike utilizing criminals. and how handy, high speed tear gas deployment! it reminds me a bit of The Dark Knight’s new two-wheeled ride…

v-strom preload info & insight


general info: all it does is change your ride height and your sag it has no effect on suspension stiffness – use a stiffer spring and/or heavier fork oil up front to stiffen adjustment: stock vstrom 650 is 16 clicks from minimum, which is generally sprung too lightly, especially for the average american check the […]

v-strom 650 mpg – wee mileage – op. bus commute update


whist riding my my v-strom six fiddy (’08) over the past 2k miles (that’s all of them by the by, including break in and a majority of commuter miles) I have averaged 54 mpg. my fill up habits tend not to push the envelope – as it can potentially cause fuel pump failure – the […]

kickin’ back on two wheels


Suzuki SV650 vs DL650


I thought this was an interesting topic, since many find they must choose one over the other (including myself.) because each bike has essentially the same *heart* (engine,) how best to distinguish them? I came across this stromtrooper thread discussing the very subject. ** technical spec comparisons: SV650: 1/4 mile: 11.99 sec. @ 107.64 mph […]