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music is life

PS22 kids chorus sing Phoenix’s “Liztomania”


They really get into it too. It is a great example of engaged and excited kids. Great work.

amazon mp3 download first purchase impressions


since its glorious DRM-free inception at the beginning of 2008, I’ve thought a few times, “hey I should but that album from amazon.” but then I load up rhapsody, which I already pay a ~$10/month subscription for, and there it is (usually…) well today, as if the amazonian borg collective finally penetrated my mind, I […]

damn you rhapsody, give me death cab


or should I say damn you Atlantic? who’s holding out here?! new Death Cab for Cutie and I can’t listen to it… (ok, ok, I get 30secs of each song. nothxfubai.) update 5/16: got a hold of the album; one “word” review: ehhh..

say what you will about Metallica today


but… Master of Puppets, And Justice For All, Metallica (black album), and Ride the Lightning will forever be absolute works of musical genius. my generation’s Classical Music.

Mountain Goats – Deianara Crush


that mad egg shaker is my friend Deo, a good man with some seriously untapped talent, no!? …thus concludes “naraku’s youtube music video day”.

Acoustic “Hey Ya” cover rocks the video (and ~2 mil. views)


this guy is talented as hell: great voice, great guitar, great beard. in many ways, it is better than the original. – download an mp3 version here (credit goes to… – and/or check out that fella’s band on myspace here

New NIN Ghosts album released for free to $300


(pick your poision) further separating himself from the music industry, trent reznor has released his new album, Ghosts, as such: first 9 tracks (ghosts I) are free, all 36 (ghosts I-IV) for $5, 2xCD set for $10, $75 for a “deluxe edition,” and finally $300 for the supremo fan “ultra-deluxe ltd. edition.” available now via: […]

download death cab for cutie live mp3s


go here or click direct download this live set 10/30/06 at Stubb’s BBQ in Austin TX (still peeved Stubb’s was closed when I was there back in August. suppose to be best steaktastic beefy goodness in all of Austin…) I’m not usually into live/bootleg shit but this is pretty good stuff – quality/content wise. thanks […]