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site projects and updates

One of my best old logos


deprecated blog


Naraku, the blahog, has pretty much been dead for awhile now. I finally figured out what I want to write about and keep up on. Stuff that’s Fun To Think About. The name leaves me so much wiggle room I’m virtually guaranteed to fit in no matter how many tangents I take. As for naraku, […]

wordpress new user SPAM


this blog gets about 3-5 new *spam* users per day. I imagine they are trying to post comments post-login but I have that function cleverly spam-trapped. anyway, since *real* users don’t need an account to post comments I’ve disabled user creation.

striking out the wordpress comment spambot lineup


for a long time now I’ve run recaptcha which works well and is easy to implement (it’s a wordpress plugin.) but it’s a bit annoying and tends to discourage commentation on smaller blogs such as mine in the long run. so after chatting with mr. justinsomnia and reading his post on how simply he blocks […]

naraku’s new outfit unveiled


finally chose and customized a new wordpress theme, based on plaintxtblog… comments welcome. (psst… another ad block too! *gasp*) update 8/16/08: a nice side effect of switching themes is that my bandwidth usage has nearly dropped by half, while this site’s number of pageloads continues to be on a steady incline. overall, I am very […]

one year review of web host


(almost) one year ago I switched from dreamhost to nearlyfreespeech for my primary web hosting needs.

downtime blows


thanks to some fairly major electrical issues over at my host, the day I had actually planned on posting a bunchastuff was lost (and no, I didn’t feel like posting in some lame-ol’ word processor to post later on…) so no kittykat posts yet, that little photogenic brat isn’t very inspiring to write about. One […]

Tastes Like Happy is coming.


the delicious TLH is entering beta next week. FOR FRACKIN’ SURE. yay! Tastes Like Happy represents the past 2 months of my independant work. as the sole designer, developer, Q&A guy, project manager, technology evangelist and visionary, it was pretty tough keeping everything together. this isn’t to say I haven’t enjoyed it, oh I have. […]

wordpress comment spam bots argh!


I started requiring registration for comments. that’s as close as I could find to turning commenting off. OK, cool. NOT~ “MrRobby” has registered and commented on every post I have. fuck! what a pain in my ass. makes me wonder why the hell I keep a blog anyway. what a ridiculous means of creating income: […]

new host –


so far I’m liking them. it’s not that dreamhost was a bad deal, it would be quite good if I needed the bandwidth allocated to my account (nearly 2k gb per month – I use about .1gb) soo… I’ll pay per gig until I hit it big. and save my $10 a month cuz I’m […]

why isn’t googlebot crawling my page?


I’ve been trying to figure this out for over a week now. this is what my page says: Home page crawl: Googlebot last successfully accessed your home page on Sep 20, 2006. what the fuck? I added a sitemap to the same page about a week ago… no change. google is downloading the sitemap […]

naraku the story


the story behind the name is long and sorta sappy, but I won’t go into much of that. here’s the short relavent version: Naraku is a Japanese word with many translations: kanji: 奈落 katakana:ならく english:naraku – (n) hell, hades, eternity, theater basement what Naraku use to mean to me:   – eternity is what we […]

website owner? want traffic? check this out


so, you set up your site, it’s got some cool stuff. but nobody is coming. why?! here’s a quick and dirty way to get the link out. first of all, especially if it is brand new, go ahead and submit it to the biggies: Yahoo (inktomi) Search Google Search second, since google is the most […]

Protected: site color scheme = sin


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