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Paul Rudd’s Computer is awesome


PS22 kids chorus sing Phoenix’s “Liztomania”


They really get into it too. It is a great example of engaged and excited kids. Great work.

Patrick Stewart likes abstraction, will not twit


aches and pain caused by RSI can be prevented


I have been using computers for damn all my life and never had too much trouble with the repeditive stress injuries that are so common for folks like me. finally though, it turns out I am not immune: my hand and wrist have been aching like hell almost all the time for about a week […]

LED SHEEP! very cool indie ad


this brings a smile.

entertaining disaster – visualizing the credit crisis


the credit catastrophe clearly conceptualized and manifest by clever little animations. while no solution is offered, the purpose is elegantly achieved – a clear outline of the cause of and contributing factors to the problem our global economy contemporarily faces.

download “hope over fear” – President Obama’s inauguration speech


took way too long to find this; we have certainly entered an era where “traditional search” engines are fail. I finally found a link for Pres. Obama’s inauguration speech on twitter search after going through countless pages on y!, goog’ and utube. the reality is clear: news publications and search engines are too slow for […]

indie sitcom The Remnants pilot episode


Very happy to see Ze in something.. anything. seriously, I guess I still miss the show. The pilot for The Remnants, written and directed by John August. Starring Justine Bateman, Michael Cassidy, Ben Falcone, Ze Frank, Ernie Hudson, and Amanda Walsh. It was shot during the WGA strike in February 2008, using the SAG internet […]

just say no to Palin – animated gif friday xiv


related: video clip from Couric’s Palin interview…

Jean-Luc Picard’s romantic alphabet dance number


patrick stewart is just so awesome.

matt damon denigrates sarah palin qualifications


bullet point transcript: – mayor of really small town – < two years at govenor of alaska - political purposes ticket - absurd - 1/3rd chance president palin?   - hockey mom from alaska facing down vladimir putin using the folksy stuff she learned at the hockey rink (haha)   - does she think dinosaurs […]

tenacious tortoise taunts tiger tabby


kickin’ back on two wheels


japan gets the best commercials


so I need some scotch-brite for a project I’m doing this weekend. as for most things I need, I do a lil web research. I stumble across this ad for scotch-brite. looks old fashion, but it’s probably just retro old school. I dream of genie inspired?

what does this say about it’s owner?


…like what an overgrown-raised-truck-that-floors-it-between-red-traffic-lights says about the tiny package its driver has, you know, where it counts. that giggle you get knowing they’re over compensating for lacking any real virtue. presenting the smart car monster truck: [story linky, via justinsomnia!]