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tenacious tortoise taunts tiger tabby


kickin’ back on two wheels


heat map mashups – USA gas and home prices


USA Gas Price Heat Map USA Home Price Heat Map observations / comments: – it would be impossible for middle class mid-western family to move to CA – biggest observed contrast: what’s up with wyoming home prices?! – need a salary heat map to round out the comparisons!

sweet and juicy, the donut-bun bacon cheeseburger


“You know what would be good on this burger? A ham sandwich! And instead of a bun let’s use two donuts. That way we can have it for breakfast. Look out McGriddle, here comes the donut ham hamburger!” – Jim Gaffigan related links: – via flickr – the luther burger – jim gaffigan . com […]

what do you see in this photo?


attack of the terrible error msg


Error: Error occurred while rendering portlet – see provider log file for details no link, no nothing but an obsecure-tech riddled message with zero indication of how to remedy the issue. WTF?! …never a good msg to get upon resetting one’s password for the HR company that handles all my personal info. on the plus […]

what does this say about it’s owner?


…like what an overgrown-raised-truck-that-floors-it-between-red-traffic-lights says about the tiny package its driver has, you know, where it counts. that giggle you get knowing they’re over compensating for lacking any real virtue. presenting the smart car monster truck: [story linky, via justinsomnia!]

device identity crisis


is it a cell phone or a remote control? is it part lollipop too? well, whatever it is, it is from ESPN labs. enjoy sports fans. read more ova here p.s. this my remote, the logitech harmony 550, procured for $50: one sentence review: it does what I want and while it occasionally fucks up […]

Bruce Springsteen does MS (internal) Vista SP1 music video


WARNING: painful to watch, worse to hear; bleeding of the ears may occur… this is the kind of overproduced trash that makes me cringe at the possibility of microsoft absorbing yahoo… (I can’t imagine yahoo allowing something as awful as this vid – not to mention Y!’s “ecosystem” is entirely contrary to microsoft’s) – it’s […]

Man trapped in an NYC elevator for 41 hours – condensed video via security cam


first of all, wow… I can’t help but imagine how I would have handled such an experience. after going batshit crazy for a number of hours, I imagine a spiritual awakening (of sorts) and a heck of a lot of praying. I hope he was a bad man who deserved it, got his come-uppins or […]



Email body: Hello, I am very sorry for you , is a pity that this is how your life is going to end as soon as you don’t comply. As you can see there is no need of introducing myself to you because I don’t have any business with you, my duty as I am […]

RICH:China +$363 trillion >> POOR:U.S.A -$747 trillion


According to CIA public records of country government current account balances, the US is in some deep ass debt, falling behind a myriad of third world countries. Not that our debt is any mystery, seeing the a point-blank ranking of countries definitely drives the point – the Feds suck at managing our money. of course […]

“I Wanna Be The Guy” – old school platformer of insane difficulty


I Wanna Be The Guy is the most macochistic 2d sidescrolley-platformery-adventure game I’ve ever seen or heard of. it doesn’t appeal to me really, but I’m still fairly impressed by people who are great at these things. respect. like this guy, he has crazy mad platformer skill: as seen from the vid, iwbtg is inspired […]

“hawaii chair” brings the hula into the workplace, finally!


yipee! can’t wait for hawaii wheel-chairs. wtf?!?! via abrams.

old habits die hard


I’m tired, blurry eyed, yawning, yet the mind is relentlessly seeking “accomplishment.” my project TLH is nearly ready for public consumption. I’m uneasy, because I am having trouble squelching perfectionistic urges. everything must be in it’s place. all features. blah. is the taste window too small?!? shit, maybe I should redo it. man this time […]